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What should you do if you have an electrical fault?

When the power supply is interrupted, it is important to comply with a series of measures that will facilitate the restoration of the service.

At Endesa we are committed to you and to the quality of our service. However, sometimes the power supply we provide for you may be interrupted for reasons beyond our control. One of our lines may be damaged, which could interrupt the power supply as a result of storms, heavy snow, strong winds causing objects to land on power lines, fires or even road works.

If this happens, what should you do? Firstly, you should call the contact number for electrical faults in your region. Once we have received this call, we will begin the protocol to resolve the fault as soon as possible via the nearest Maintenance Brigade, which will be informed by the Control Centre.

This team will resolve the fault, guaranteeing the safety of the technicians under these circumstances in the event of inclement weather. Furthermore, if it is a serious fault, the priority will be to restore and guarantee the service for customers considered particularly vulnerable because of their activity. This group includes hospitals, emergency services, police forces, water supply companies, etc.

Sometimes a fault may only affect your installation and it may not be a general power supply interruption. If this is the case, the first thing you must do is make sure all the switches on your main electrical control panel in your property are up, including the general switch and the ground fault circuit breaker.

Once you have done this, you must then put the central switch down and wait a few seconds, then put it up again. If the power does not come back on, you should check that the fault is not because you have exceeded your contracted power.

To make sure this is not the problem, disconnect one of the electrical devices you have switched on and repeat the procedure described above. The problem should be resolved now, but if it continues, you should contact an installer to check the installation in your home.

A word of advice in these cases; make sure you have several torches with batteries to hand to avoid using candles and try not to open the refrigerator and the freezer doors to keep food cold for longer until the power is restored. In any event, if you need more information or you need to report a fault, you can do so via the contact section on our website.