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The Electrical Damages Generally Covered by Insurance

The consequences of electrical failures are among insurance companies’ most common claims. It is a vague concept that often makes us wonder: does our policy cover it or not?

Electrical damages are the third-most common cause of claims at home. For that reason, it is essential to know what is really meant by electrical damage and what is the most common coverage offered by insurance companies for this problem.

By knowing what it is and it is not, we can get a clear picture of when it is suitable to make a claim.


What exactly are electrical damages?

Electrical damage is considered to be any damage that is related to a problem in the electricity.

Likewise, the damages caused by lightning are also considered to be electrical damage.


Main causes of electrical damages

The main causes of electrical damages related to the electrical supply are as follows:

  • Voltage surges and drops.
  • Electrical breakdowns.
  • Existence of arcing.
  • Abnormal supply of current or short-circuits.

It is worth pointing out that the main causes of electrical breakdowns are the age of the equipment and excessive hours of operation.

Refrigerators are the appliances that present the most insurance claims as a result of electrical damages, followed by ceramic hobs and televisions.

“Refrigerators, ceramic hobs televisions are the items that suffer the greatest damage due to electrical failures, according to insurance claims.”

How does insurance cover electrical damages?

Electrical damages can have very negative consequences, both on the continent and in the contents in a home. For this reason, it is important to know what are the most common insurance coverages against damages resulting from an electrical problem.

Though they are not as common as damages to the contents of a home, we must not forget that significant damages can also occur in electrical installations. In addition, in these cases, the economic cost tends to be much higher than with physical contents.

Insurances tend to cover the fixed components that form part of an electrical installation, such as the cables, plugs and switches installed. Of course, this damage may not end up starting a fire, because for these cases, there are specific fire coverages.

To claim coverage for damages in the continent, we must correctly prove their cause with a technical report from an expert. In addition, it is normal for the insurer to verify that the payment of the supply is up-to-date and that the breakdown is not the result of the electrical panel being manipulated.

Electrical damages to contents of the home are the most common, and are frequently caused by incidents in the grid, such as voltage surges and drops. In this case, all of the necessary documentation will also be requested to determine its origin.


What electrical damages does the insurance not cover?

In general, insurance does not cover damages to property outside the home. Electrical devices over 10 years old are not usually covered either. In the case of home appliances that are used intensively, such as electric heating systems, this number of years may be considerably shorter.

Light bulbs, light fixtures and any aesthetic damages that may occur also tend not to be covered, unless they affect the normal functioning of the damaged electrical device.

“Home insurance rarely covers possible broken light bulbs and light fixtures due to electrical failures.”

What to take into account when purchasing insurance?

Electrical damages are covered in multi-risk policies for homes. Therefore, it is important for us to analyse the insurance very well that we are going to purchase before signing the contract. Only this way will we be sure that it will protect us from this type of incident.

In addition, it must be taken into account that not all companies include the same cases and indemnities for electrical damage. As a result, you are recommended to compare several to know which offers the best protection, and even which of its products is the most adequate for our case.

In this regard, we must be especially clear about which electrical devices are covered by the policy and in which specific conditions. It is worth pointing out that many insurance companies commonly opt to set a deductible for the amount that they will pay. Another possibility is that the coverage is established for home appliances starting at a certain value, and the home appliances with the lowest financial value are unprotected.

Finally, there are insurers that establish in their home insurance policies the possibility of a claim for electrical damages based on the real value of the device. That is, the value it has at the time of the accident, not at the time of purchase.

We can definitively say that insurance only covers certain electrical damages and there are also several options to set the corresponding indemnity.


The best insurance is that breakdowns never occur

The need for home insurance is obvious, and it is equally as evident that you must review in detail what you are paying for and what the policy will cover.

But the best way to avoid complications between one coverage and another is to avoid all types of electrical breakdowns. Is it possible to achieve? Of course, it is perfectly possible to attempt to do so by adequately maintaining your installation.

Subscribing to a maintenance service guarantees you that your installation will always be in the best condition, reducing the probability of electrical damages to a minimum. We recommend you get informed about OKLuz Assist, a maintenance service with unlimited repairs.

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