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It Isn’t Magic, It's Energy: Photography is Light by Mr Zeta

Today, at It Isn’t Magic, It’s Energy we have a very special guest: photographer and Instagrammer Carlos Marín, known as Mr. Zeta. During his appearance, he will be showing us an experiment related to light. Are you ready?

It Isn’t Magic, It's Energy returns to the Endesa blog to get closer to energy through small experiments. Remember that you can follow them in the Stories section on our Instagram profile @EndesaClientes.

Today we look at light, which is a form of energy, since it is no more than a specific type of electromagnetic radiation. What makes it special is the frequency at which it oscillates, exactly what makes it visible or not visible.

The fact that light is energy is easy to understand: undoubtedly the light you use at home is obtained through electricity. And you also know that electrical energy is obtained from sunlight by means of photovoltaic panels.

Light is essential in our day-to-day lives, since without it we could not carry out lots of activities. For example, photography. Our guest today, photographer and Instagrammer Mr. Zeta explains it to us through this simple experiment that you can do at home.

It Isn’t Magic, It's Energy: Photography is Light by Mr. Zeta

Photography is a creative technique of obtaining images through light. And creativity is understanding this relationship and projecting it onto a space, a model and capturing that moment.

The gaze of each photographer is based on their personality and creativity in understanding this relationship and knowing how to handle light, whether natural or artificial, and in this way tell stories.

Description of the experiment

With this experiment we are going to take advantage of an artificial light point to build a light projector to create shapes, textures and colours that affect the photographic backdrop. In this way, you can give a personal touch to each creation that is different.


  • Cardboard box
  • White glue
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Ruler
  • Craft knife
  • Cardboard
  • Cellophane (colours)
  • Mesh texture
  • Angle poise lamp (electric light)


We will take advantage of the structure of a cardboard box, and by drilling it on both sides we are going to build a projector. The light source that will pass through this will be an electrical source in the form of an angle poise lamp, so we can take advantage of elements that we have at home and that can be used in our photographs.

Using rigid material we will create a filter holder that we insert inside the box, which will be placed after the electric light source and will project it onto the backdrop.

In this way, by exchanging the surface in the filter holder for coloured cellophane or a perforated surface, the projected light will create different shapes that will, so to speak, turn our photography into an original canvas.

The way in which we can play with light is interesting, since it gives us many possibilities when creating photos. And it is even more interesting to be able to take advantage of the resources that we have at our fingertips, in this case an electric light bulb, to illuminate our creativity. It Isn’t Magic, It's Energy.

Now it only remains for you to follow our Instagram profile to catch up with more experiments from It Isn’t Magic, It's Energy. Don’t miss them!

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