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Fraud with the Social Rate through malicious websites

Several pages pose as Endesa and ask for money to request the Social Rate (Bono Social) for electricity. Requesting the Social Rate is a process that is absolutely free of charge. Do not pay money to anyone for this procedure.

Recently, several web pages have been detected that are impersonating Endesa with fraudulent intentions.

Specifically, they offer information on the Social Rate for electricity, a significant discount on the electricity bill for which a series of requirements (regulated by the Government) must be met.

In reality, these pages are nothing more than a decoy to get you to pay €59 for submitting the application, offering you the possibility to pay immediately by credit card.

Among other absurd claims, they promise that you will receive the Social Rate by means of a cheque for €500. In reality, the Social Rate for electricity does not work that way, but rather is a discount that, if granted, is applied to the electricity bill each month.

Fraudulent form on which money is requested for applying for the Social Rate.

When faced with this scam, it is important to remember 2 fundamental facts:

1. Applying for the Social Rate is free of charge. At no time should anyone charge you anything to begin, continue or finish the process.

2. At the following link you can consult all the information about the Social Rate: who can benefit, how to apply and what documentation you need.


Where is the Social Rate requested?

It is important to keep in mind that Endesa is not in charge of the Social Rate. Endesa is a free market company, while in order to be eligible for the Social Rate you have to be in the regulated market. In the following content we explain in detail the differences between free market and regulated market.

Therefore, the Social Rate must be managed through one of the sellers on the regulated market (the so-called "reference sellers"). In the following CNMC content you can identify the main sellers.

“Applying for the Social Rate does not cost money. You should never pay for these procedures.”
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