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The Endesa energy efficiency podcast

Eficientemente is an Endesa podcast to make your life more efficient in every sense of the word. We want you to get more with less. More results with less effort. More savings with less pollution. More energy, less fatigue.

Podcast listening has become popular in recent years. Podcasts are nothing more than audio files that are online and that you can listen to at any time. The closest comparison is: they're like a radio programme, but without having to wait for it to be broadcast at a specific time. Instead, you decide when you want to listen (in fact, many radio programmes are already consumed more as a podcast than live).

The rise of the podcast could not be understood without the rise of the smartphone, and it has been given a further boost thanks to the arrival of virtual voice assistants. We take our mobile phones everywhere, and we can use them to listen to music (or a podcast) while going to work or doing sports. And just by opening our mouths we can order our Alexa or Google speaker to play our favourite podcast.

Podcasts can be listened to on various online platforms (iVoox, Spotify, iTunes, etc.), or downloaded and listened to later without having to connect to the internet. Their themes are tremendously varied: movies, sports, cooking, etc. But until now, there was no energy efficiency podcast.

Understand energy efficiency

When we talk about energy, we can talk about kilowatts and power outlets, and also types of power plants. In fact, we talk about these things a lot. But we also want to talk about the life energy you use every day. And how to better take advantage of it.

Imagine if efficiency meant to achieve more with less. Go further by taking fewer steps. Be more productive at work. In this sense, if you were more efficient in your life, you would, at the same time:

  • Take better care of the planet: efficiency goes hand in hand with sustainability, because it means spending less resources in your daily life.
  • Save: more with less... this also works with money.
  • Innovate: in your lifestyle efficiency traditions worth recovering will be combined with new technologies that offer us a unique opportunity. 

Eficientemente, the Endesa podcast

Pablo is 28 years old and still has some growing up to do. When he is forced to move out and live alone, he will understand that nothing in his life will work until he becomes more efficient. So begins the “Eficientemente” podcast by Endesa.

Different aspects of life efficiency will be addressed during this 7-episode fiction: how to move efficiently, how to cook efficiently, how to play sports... and, of course, how to consume energy efficiently.

But what is not fiction are the 13 top-tier experts who will answer Pablo’s questions. Authorities in the field, such as professional organiser Vanesa Travieso, nutritionist Paloma Quintana, and electricity expert Manuel Amate will give him practical advice with proven efficiency that any of us can apply in our routine.

You probably know a lot of things, but do you know how to cook tasty and cheaply for the whole week without going through too much trouble? Do you know which sport best suits your personality and will make you happier? Do you know how to dress well without breaking the bank? And how to learn a language fast?

We suggest a journey towards efficiency. Think about it: all you have to lose is all that time, effort and money you're wasting without achieving what you set out to. The time has come to live differently. Innovatively. Efficiently.

"Eficientemente is a podcast that helps you get more for less. More results with less money, less effort and less time."
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