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The best cities for electric bikes

The traditional bicycle now has a new competitor: the electric bike, ideal for going uphill! We look for the best places to make the most of this vehicle of the present and of the future.

It's comfortable, because you you don't end up walking up the slopes any more.

It's cheap, especially if you compare it with the cost of a motorbike.

It's clean, because you recharge it through solar panels or from the mains.

It's the electric bike, an invention that suits all types of people.

An eminently urban contraption that is at its best in two situations in which we don't have time to waste: going or coming back from work and sightseeing.

We chose 3 Spanish and 3 European cities that are especially enjoyable to visit by electric bike.


Seville: the paradise of the bike lane

The Andalusian capital is a great city for cycling. And not just for its sunny climate, but because it is considered one of the best cities in the world to travel around on two wheels.

Recent polls indicate that nearly 10% of the population of Seville regularly use this form of transport. As a result a network of 140 kilometres of bike lanes has been set up.

In addition to having a particularly flat surface area, the number and the length of the different cycling routes make it especially conducive to the little electric motor that is always there to help out your legs.


Santander: steep slopes by the sea

Now we jump to the North of the peninsula to visit Santander, a city that stands on a hillside. It's recommended to have strong legs to pedal round its streets. Or better still, an electric bicycle to cope with its endless slopes.

It has a network of bike lanes that is 26 km long, making it easy to explore the city from one end to the other, entering the town by Nueva Montaña and continuing through the neighbourhood of El Sardinero and the park in Las Llamas, before reaching the sports facilities in La Albericia and the Science and Technology Park.

If you like challenges, try to go up Calle Enrique Gran, the steepest road in the town, with a gradient of over 25%.


San Sebastian: cycling routes for tourists

We now continue along the Cantabrian coast until we come to "La Bella Easo", where bike lanes have been laid out in almost all areas of the city. The network covers almost 30 kilometres, making it possible to ride through all the most typical areas of the Guipuzcoan capital by bike.

Despite the effort of the local council to install lifts, ramps and other infrastructures that help cyclists to get around, sometimes their journey becomes a real challenge due to the steep gradients.


Copenhagen: a great city to pedal around

The Danish capital is made for cyclists. And it shows as soon as you put a wheel down on the public highway. Its streets have traffic lights for cyclists and a network of more than 390 kilometres of bike lanes.

As a curiosity, this framework features Dronning Louises bro, the busiest bike lane in the world, with almost 40,000 users per day.

Its passion for riding on two wheels has made the whole of Copenhagen accessible by bike: coasts, castles, nature... you can travel around all the city's surroundings! Forget trains, taxis or buses. Hop on to your electric bike and follow one of its fantastic bike routes. You can go as far as the beach of Bellevue in Klampenborg, 13 kilometres away, or Kronborg Castle in Helsingør, at a distance of about 47 kilometres.


Amsterdam: more than 400 km of bike lane

Those who have never visited Amsterdam will be amazed when they see the number of bicycles that travel on its streets. In terms of sheer length, it is difficult to beat its more than 400 kilometres of bike lane in the metropolitan area of Amsterdam.

Bicycles help you to make the most of the time you spend in town and give easy access to the areas further away from the city centre. Because, despite appearances, the distances are long, so sitting on your saddle is an advantageous way of avoiding the rush, all the crowds and endless long walks. There are also routes that take cyclists to Muiderslot Castle or the Lake of Naarden.

Its relief is virtually flat, but the strong wind that often sweeps through the area means that cyclists end up making more effort than when going uphill. But with the electric bicycle the effort is no longer such a big deal.



Half French and half German, Strasbourg is well-known as one of the administrative centres of the European Union. But few people know that it is also one of the world's best cities for cycling.

GMuch of its historic centre is a car-free zone, so the electric bicycle is the most suitable option for travelling around the city.

The Town Hall has organised several routes and guided tours by bike. They include a tour to learn about the European institutions, the walk along the Bruche canal or the Franco-German route on the outskirts of Strasbourg, with more than 85 kilometres of easy riding along both sides of the Rhine.

Share your experiences

Do you own an electric bike and would you like to tell us about its advantages or disadvantages? Are you thinking of getting an electric bike but are still having doubts? Do you think your town or city is better for bike riders than those we have mentioned? Share your experiences and join the debate on our social media channels: 

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