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Unique to Endesa: more than a flat rate for electricity and gas

Save money and enjoy the peace of mind of always paying the same.

Use all the electricity and gas you need but always pay the same fixed monthly instalment.

Accept the challenge! If you keep your energy consumption down, we'll reward you with discounts on your next instalment.



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Get the best price for bundling your electricity, gas and services together.

Peace of mind

No more nasty surprises. A fixed, individually calculated instalment with no limit on consumption.

100% renewable energy

All the electricity you consume comes from totally renewable sources. And the gas is emissions neutral.


No lock-in period and no adjustments at the end of the year. You pay your instalment and no more.

Know our modalities

Your monthly fee will be based on your consumption and the option you choose:

All the 100% renewable and CO2 emission neutral electricity and gas you need.


Única Select Única Basic Única Premium

We will do our best to repair any faults over the phone, free of charge.

In addition, this service includes free invoice payment protection insurance.

If this is not possible, a technician will visit and prepare a free estimate.

Electrical repairs: installation and air conditioning.

It includes free energy payment protection insurance on death, hospitalisation, unemployment or disability.


Única Select Única Basic Única Premium

Annual maintenance included (installation and equipment).

  • Checks on the electrical installation or air conditioning.
  • Verification of good condition, operation and safety.


Única Select Única Basic Única Premium

There will be no charge for the repairs you request.

  • A technician will come to your home and the repair will be free.
  • Electrical repairs (installation, water heater, air conditioning and handyman service).


Única Select Única Basic Única Premium

Signing up is very simple

  1. You give us your address.
  2.  We calculate your personalised fee.
  3. You sign up for the option you like most. We take care of everything. You will soon be an Endesa customer.
  4.  You can secure more savings, if you sign up for the challenge plan.

Be bold with the challenge plan

We propose energy saving challenges that we have customised for you.

It’s simple: if you use less, you meet the challenge. And we transform that saving into a euro discount on your bill.

We will inform you by email of each new challenge and we will help you meet your challenges with tips on efficiency.

The less energy you use, the bigger your discount. And if you do not meet the challenge, your fee remains unchanged: you will always pay the same amount, without any unwanted surprises.

At Endesa, we don’t keep your savings. We give them to you so you can enjoy them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Save money and enjoy the peace of mind of always paying the same.

Much more than a flat rate: pay a fixed and personalised amount per month to consume all the electricity, gas and services you need without adjustments at the end of the year.

With 100% renewable energy, no long-term commitments, lock-in periods or adjustments, and complete transparency.

Accept the challenge! And if you keep your energy consumption down, we'll reward you with discounts on your next instalment. 

We offer you three options to cover your energy needs. All you have to do is decide the one that's best for your household. You can contract much more than a flat rate for gas, electricity, and gas and electrical maintenance services.

  • Unique Select: includes electricity, gas and optional maintenance.
  • Unique Basic: includes electricity, gas, and a repair service with video assistance and maintenance of your electrical and gas installation.
  • Unique Premium: includes electricity, gas, video-assistance repair service, maintenance of your electrical and gas installation and inspections and repairs of your electrical and gas installation.

You can add or cancel services or energy at any time without problems.

That's easy! We will make an individual analysis of your household's power consumption based on your previous and your contracted power and make you an individualised offer. The offer we send will be for the address entered on the form. Based on past consumption we will estimate the monthly cost for the option you choose.

Única from Endesa, this is a true flat rate: a personalised price is calculated for you and this will be what you will pay every month. In exchange, you can consume electricity and/or gas without limits. There will be no adjustment at the end of the year and there are no surcharges or excess consumption clauses.

Because Única is much more than a flat rate, you will always pay the same, we would not lie to you. Every month you will pay the same fixed and personalised rate that you have contracted. No extras, no additional payments, no increases on your bill, no adjustments at the end of the year and no small print.

No. You can choose the option that interests you most at all times, and if you are not convinced, change whenever you want. There is no contractual lock in period, and there are no penalties if you decide to leave.

There is no monthly or annual consumption limit. There will be no adjustment, so you won't pay any more if you consume more than we expected when we calculated your instalment. 

Be responsible, consume all the energy you need and remember, energy is a basic need, use it when you need it and try to save to take care of the environment.

Forget checking your bills. We'll send you a monthly email to remind you about your fixed monthly instalment. If you would still prefer to check your bill, you will see that there is just one for everything related to the energy you use at home.

You will pay monthly rather than every two months.

The concept of a flat rate is clear: a price is agreed and it is possible to consume without limits. In our country, the term became popular with mobile phone internet connections, and it is clear: you pay and you have all the gigabytes you need. Where, unfortunately, it is not so clear is in the energy sector, where false flat rates abound that promise more than they deliver. Supposed flat rates that imply an adjustment at the end of the year or that include clauses for excess consumption. You pay a price, you consume apparently unlimitedly... but at the end of the year there are calculations to be made and, depending on the result, you may have to pay a surcharge. This is not a true flat rate.

Única is more than a rate and much more than a flat rate. It behaves like a true flat rate because a personalised price is calculated for you and this is what you will pay every month, not a penny more. Without any adjustments at the end of the year. Without any limit on your electricity and/or gas consumption. Without surprise clauses.

But also, Única offers you a programme of energy efficiency challenges, which allow you to earn discounts and turn your behaviour into savings.

In most cases, the flat rates offered by other electricity companies have consumption limits or involve an adjustment at the end of the year and clauses governing excess consumption. With our product, there are no adjustments or corrections. 

It means that all the electricity you use comes from renewable sources (e.g. wind, solar, hydraulic) and that it is certified by the CNMC. In the case of gas, we offset the CO2 emissions.

Accept the energy efficiency challenges we set. If you are an efficient, sustainable consumer, your savings will translate into direct discounts on your bill

We will keep you permanently up-to-date with how it works, your target and how your challenges plan is going! 


Endesa's Unique Conditions

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General terms and conditions

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Conditions of services

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Digital invoice conditions

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Promotion terms and conditions

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*Promotion valid for new contracts for electricity with Endesa Energía, SA (electricity rates 2.0A, 2.0DHA, 2.1A and 2.1DHA). Consult the bases of the promotion.

By signing this new contract we inform you that, if you meet the requirements to qualify for the Bono Social discounted rate, you will not be able to qualify for it. Nor will you be able to apply for the Small Consumer Voluntary Price (PVPC) tariff. Offer valid only for the Peninsula and Balearic Islands.

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