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Electric mobility can save your company

Companies are increasingly committed to reducing their environmental footprint. This trend will intensify in the coming years and, despite what some people think, it is not a challenge but a real business opportunity.

It is clear that society as a whole is becoming aware of the urgency of adopting stricter environmental policies. And that a significant part of these measures has a direct impact on business activities. New rules for all companies, new fines.

Electric mobility is an indispensable driver. of these commitments. But this is not about something that has to be done out of obligation. We are referring to new technologies that, if well managed, offer immediate benefits to companies that boldly transform their fleets.

These benefits will make the bold even more competitive, through direct savings and by improving services in places where those more resistant to change cannot.

In other words, the challenge comes with a prize for the brave. Comply with regulations and increase profits at the same time. And if that weren’t enough, there is a third pay-off on the horizon: investment in electric mobility results in a significant increase in brand reputation. This can be seen (and measured) both internally, e.g. as a perceived sensation among staff, and externally – the public image of the company.

“Switching to electric mobility is a 3 in 1 for companies: getting ahead of regulations, increasing profits and improving brand reputation.”

Moment of truth for delivery and distribution

Europe’s major cities are closing their historic centresto many vehicles with combustion engines. Both Madrid and Barcelona have already embarked on this path in Spain, and many other cities in countries around the world will soon follow their example.

At first glance it seems like an obstacle and, in fact, many companies are being seriously affected by these restrictions. Product distribution is limited to very restricted hours. This results in a degree of disruption, significant loss of time, delays and added costs. In addition, in many cases, it leads to a severe deterioration in customer service.

But why should you let yourself get stuck here? This is not a speed bump, it’s a ramp you can use to build momentum. Electric vehicles are a perfect fit in the urban environment. Many home delivery companies have quickly migrated their fleets to an electric solution. Electric motorcycles have been introduced the fastest. Companies that are afraid of change and fail to seize the initiative may encounter serious obstacles.

Scooters are small but they maintain the flexibility of their gasoline siblings and have similar speed and power performance profiles. But they are much quieter and cleaner and consume much less than a conventional combustion-engine motorcycle. And most crucially: they allow you to move freely throughout the city.

Many companies in cities would disappear without home delivery or distribution. Service is an essential part of your product Take home-delivery food chains, for example. And messenger companies would be unable to operate in areas where they cannot circulate. For these companies, electric bicycles for their delivery personnel are an extremely effective option.

Similarly, electric cars and delivery vans are essential for small and medium-sized logistics and distribution companies. These vehicles provide greater load capacity and range, and longer routes can be set for the same vehicle.

They also benefit from not being subject to restricted access hours, reduced costs (fuel + maintenance) and the positive effect on company reputation as an active affirmation of social commitment.

“Every company that depends on motorised distribution faces a fundamental challenge: to be electric or not, that is the question.”

Golden opportunity for all salespeople

It would be naïve to think that this revolution only concerns companies with distribution fleets. Companies with a significant investment in commercial human resources are equally impacted. . If sales teams can’t easily visit their customers and showcase their products, the bottom line will plummet.

Once again, this is an apparent obstacle. And once again, it is an opportunity. Adding fleets of light electric cars not only solves this problem, but also increases the capacity of the team. This is the case because closing off access to other types of vehicles in certain areas has had two very clear effects:

  • The flow of traffic has improved by reducing the number of vehicles on the roads.

  • Parking has improved in the restricted access areas. This makes it easier for salespeople to park close to their customers.

Taken together, this translates into effective working time and increased performance. This optimises the use of human resources, bringing effective performance closer to 100%.

But it also generates double savings:

  • Savings on fuel and maintenance.

  • Savings on parking fees.

E-sharing, where companies use fleets of electric vehicles shared by their employees, is the most popular formula for experimenting progressively with this transfer and seeing the results in efficiency and savings.

It consists of acquiring fleets of vehicles, generally by means of renting formulas, and making them available to their workers in an orderly fashion without any direct assignment of the vehicle, but with all vehicles being shared. The aim is always to have a vehicle available for employees who need one. This also generates other advantages, such as tax benefits and subsidies for this type of car.

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“Electric mobility is a sales revolution: improve customer service while saving on fuel and parking costs.”
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