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How much does reconnection cost?

The costs of reconnecting both the electricity and gas supply is approximately double the connection costs paid when the supply is first registered.

Electricity reconnection costs vary depending on the voltage, and gas costs are different depending on the Autonomous Community.


What is the reconnection of a supply?

The reconnection of a supply is the connection between the customer’s installation and the distribution company's network, for the second time and any subsequent times.

That is, it means repeating a connection from a supply network to an installation after one had been made in the past but for some reason the supply was cancelled or cut off.

For example, a reconnection of the supply may occur after a cut off due to non-payment by the customer, or it may also be due other reasons unrelated to the customer (due to a fault or repair or maintenance, etc.). In these cases, the cost of reconnection will be borne by the customer and by the distributor, respectively.


How long does it take to reconnect the electricity?

For a reconnection, the estimated connection time is usually a maximum of 24 hours.


Reconnection costs:

Shown below are some reconnection costs as a reference:

Electricity reconnection charges:
Connection Charges
Reconnection charges after being cut off
Low Voltage
9,04476 18,08952 21,3456336
High Voltage Up to 36 kV
79,49197 158,98394 187,601049
High Voltage 36 > 72,5 kV
266,957067 533,914134 630,018678
High Voltage over 72,5 kV
374,542485 749,08497 883,920265
Gas reconnection charges:
26,57 53,14
Aragon 51,99 103,98
Principality of Asturias
83,97 166,74
Balearic Islands
72,52 145,04
Canary Islands
- -
23,08 46,16
Castilla-La Mancha 59 118
Castilla y León 50,11
49,3 98,6
Galicia 45,44 90,88
La Rioja 68,69 137,38
Community of Madrid
Region of Murcia 62,08 124,16
Foral Community of Navarre
67,52 135,04
Basque Country
77,07 154,14
Valencian Community
75,11 150,22
- -
Melilla - -

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