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Cuotadoce Plan

Cuotadoce Plan

The Cuotadoce plan is an exclusive Endesa Energía service which enables you to pay a fixed amount every month regardless of your consumption, thus avoiding energy bill surprises.

You can request this service completely free of charge at My Endesa, in the My Contracts section and you can register with the service for your electricity and your gas contracts, even if these are already associated with other services. Select the contract with which you wish to activate the Cuotadoce Plan and we will show you the monthly sum of your estimated fixed fee. The only requirements for registering with this service are as follows:

  • Payment must be by direct debit
  • You must be up to date with your payments.

By activating this service, all the conditions of your contracts remain the same.


How to activate your CuotaDoce:

It is very easy to activate this service. Firstly, you must access your Private Client Area. Then select the "My Contracts" tab and select the contract to which you are interested in applying CuotaDoce. The details of the contract will be displayed. At the end of this content, you will find the link to activate CuotaDoce.

With Endesa’s Cuotadoce plan

  • Each month we will send you a notification via SMS before charging the sum of your fixed monthly amount to your bank account and you will continue to receive your bill as you have up until now (every month or every two months). If you have activated the e-billing service, you will also receive a monthly email with your billing statement.
  • You are not requesting a flat payment rate, since you do not have a consumption limit or extra charges if you exceed this and there is no small print. Each month you will pay a fixed amount and every 12 months we will review the sum of your fee. Therefore, if there are significant differences between your consumption and your bill, we will adjust the amount to your real consumption.
  • You can return to your current method of payment en qualsevol moment, once an adjustment has been made for the invoiced amount and the amount actually consumed.

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