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Our history

The history of our company reflects our growth and evolution as a business at the forefront of the energy sector


Endesa since 1944

Endesa was founded on 18 November 1944 and one year later construction work started on the Compostilla thermal power plant, which went into production in 1957. 

In 1972 we merged with Hidrogalicia, and in the 1970s and 1980s we acquired various mining operations, including As Pontes (La Coruña) and Andorra (Teruel); we commissioned the thermal power plants of As Pontes (La Coruña), Andorra and Escatrón (Teruel and Zaragoza) and Litoral (Almería) and started the operation of the Ceuta and Melilla diesel generators and unit II of the Ascó nuclear power plant, in Tarragona.  


Growth and evolution

In 1991 we acquired 87.6 percent of Electra de Viesgo, 40 percent of Fecsa, 33.5 percent of Sevillana de Electricidad and 24.9 percent of Nansa. 

A year later, we acquired 61.9 percent of Carboex and took equity stakes in Electricidad de Argentina and Yacylec. 

In 1993 we acquired 55 percent of Hydroeléctrica de Cataluña (Hecsa) and took an equity stake in the Portuguese company Tejo Energia. A year later there was a second public offering, whereby the State reduced its shareholding in Endesa to 66.89 percent of the capital. In the same year Compañía Peruana de Electricidad and Distrilima were established, with Endesa taking stakes in both, and we acquired 11.78 percent of the capital of Sociedad General de Aguas de Barcelona (Agbar). 

In 1996 we increased our stake in Fecsa and Sevillana de Electricidad to 75 percent. 


New business strategy

We started the third millennium with a new business strategy, focused on value creation, having rejected the proposed merger with Iberdrola. Following this we were selected to join the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World), with the best rating among companies in the sector. This index brings together 300 leading companies from 23 countries that stand out for their application of principles of sustainable development. At the same time, we renewed our presence in the European Dow Jones Stoxx Sustainability Index (DJSI Stoxx).

In 2002, together with the Portuguese company Sonae, we formed a joint venture to sell electricity in Portugal. 

In 2003, the Endesa Board of Directors approved the Internal Regulations for Conduct in the Securities Markets.

2005. Gas Natural launched a hostile takeover bid for the entire capital of Endesa. 

Commitment against climate change

Endesa towards the energy transition

On 24 March 2009 Borja Prado Eulate was named chairman of the company. 

Enel reached an agreement with Acciona for the purchase of all the shares that Acciona held in our company. Enel thus became our main shareholder, with 92.06 percent of the share capital. 

In 2014, following a public offering, Enel's stake in Endesa was reduced to 70.14% 

Against climate change

In 2009 we launched our pioneering energy saving project as a new model of energy management in cities: Smartcity. A project included among our commitments and projects against climate change as detailed in the 2008-2012 Strategic Sustainability Plan, presented in 2009.

Electric vehicles and renewable energy

We participated in the Spanish consortium for the development of the Cenit Verde electric vehicle. We were also the only Spanish company to take part in the European G4V project on the large-scale impact of the electric vehicle.

Energy Efficiency and Innovation

Enel Green Power, in which Endesa holds a 40 percent stake, commissioned three wind farms with a total of 96 MW in Spain and a 10 MW wind plant in Portugal.

Leaders in remote management in Spain

In 2013, we became leaders in remote smart metering in Spain, with more than three million remote meters installed. That year we headed the Dow Jones Sustainability Index ranking in Occupational Health and Safety and received carbon footprint certification from AENOR. 

Present and future

New Endesa brand

In 2016 we renewed our brand with a new logo, which preserves the values and culture of the Enel Group, under the concept of << Open Power >>. This new positioning aims to accelerate the process of opening Endesa to bring our company closer to society and face up to the new challenges with which our sector is confronted.  

In July of that year we acquired 60% of Enel Green Power, the fourth operator in the Spanish renewable energy sector, of which we already owned 40%. 

In recent years we have reinforced our commitment to the energy transition towards a decarbonized model, investing in renewable energies and the digitization of the network, always keeping the focus on improving the efficiency of service to our customers. 

Investment in renewable energy

EGPE was awarded 540 MW of wind power and 339 MW of solar energy in government auctions held in May 2017. The company has now connected 400 MW (339 solar and 60 wind) to the grid and is finalising the construction and connection of the remaining 480 MW of wind generation facilities, which will be completed by the end of 2019. 

Boosting electric mobility

Endesa X is the new brand created with the commitment to lead the evolution that the sector will go through with new services adapted to the needs that will arise in the coming years. With this launch, we announce our recharge infrastructure plan to bring electric mobility to the entire country. 

Digitization of the power grid

We are committed to innovation, digitization and entrepreneurship with actions such as the first energy transaction with blockchain technology and our participation in initiatives to modernize the distribution network, such as the MONICA, Smartnet and Flexiciency projects.

Sport and culture

We are committed to the energy of sport and culture, through our support for Spanish basketball and our initiatives to make less accessible cultural events such as opera, theatre and dance available to everyone. 

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