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Agile methodology

Agile methodology

We are committed to agile methodologies as part of our open power philosophy of collaboration and innovation among all our employees.

Open Power Space

The world is changing and market requirements need to change with it. In recent years we have been examining how customers in the energy sector require new services that have not been implemented to date, but this new need goes well beyond just our context.

Companies need to adapt to a new, faster and more flexible model that suits these new needs. Therefore, work methodologies are also changing to provide the innovation the market needs.

At Endesa, we are committed to open power philosophy, a model that seeks an open and flexible approach to innovation in which cooperation between all parties is the key. In this way, we rely on agile methodologies to transform the company using a work structure involving the entire organisation.

If we want to continue being leaders in technology, if we want to continue growing, we must open up, we must open our minds to both our mistakes and achievements, we must share them, and understand how we can improve and what the world expects of us. This is Open Power!.

Francesco Starace, Consejero Delegado y Director General de Enel

A new work model born from talent

Speed, flexibility and innovation are the main features of this model based on interfunctionality, the interaction of employees and their contribution to projects regardless of their hierarchy in the company.

With the agile methodologies already implemented, such as Scrum and Kanban, we have achieved faster and more effective results while some employees learn from others through their mistakes and successes and work in a multidisciplinary approach.

Our transformation starts with our people. Their contribution and involvement is essential in order to serve customers effectively, improve our relationship with the environment in developing our business and, in short, meet the new needs of a market that continues to change.