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Endesa´s Public Offering 2014


In November 2014, Enel carried out an operation to sell shares in the institutional and retail market increasing its holding in Endesa's share capital from 92.06% to 70.14%.

The operation was carried out through a Public Offer of Sale in Spain aimed at retail investors (POS) and an offer addressed to Spanish and international institutional investors (institutional offer), an operation that was appreciated by both large market operators and private investors, to the extent that the demand for retail shares was approximately 1.7 times higher than the volume originally planned. At the end of the operation, 232,070,000 shares (34,810,500 for the POS and 197,259,500 for the institutional offer) were allocated, equivalent to 21.92% of the corresponding share capital, for a total amount of 3,132,945,000 euros.

The application of the Green Shoe purchase option and stabilization operations

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Endesa Bidding Close

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POS stock volume retail segment

Suspension of advertising campaign for Public Offer of Sale

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POS Endesa Information Brochure

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Summary note of POS Endesa brochure

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Endesa POS

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Proforma consolidated financial information 9M 2014

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Proforma consolidated financial information FY 2013

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Financial report third quarter 2014 PDF

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2013 legal documentation

2012 legal documentation

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2011 legal documentation

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Information of interest to minority shareholders who bought shares in the POS of November 2014

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