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María Malaxechevarría Grande

Born in 1966. Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering, specialty in Energy, from Polytechnic University of Madrid. MBA at the University of Navarra.


Career path

She started working for Endesa (Endesar, Endesa Desarrollo S.A.) as an analyst in the International Investment Team in 1996, after having worked during 4 years for APAX PARTNERS & CO. as an associate of Corporate Finance and Private Equity.

From 1997 to 2005, she fulfilled a variety of tasks in Endesa Chairman's and Chief Executive Offices as Associate Monitoring Officer, joining in 2005 the Corporate Office of Strategy as Director of Corporate Strategy.

In 2015 she became Head of control of I&N Iberia.


Current position

General Manager of Sustainability Iberia.


High resolution photography

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