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#eCitySevilla, for a 100% sustainable city

The project will give Isla de la Cartuja a fully renewable, digital, decarbonised energy supply by 2025, advancing the 2050 Climate Action Goals by 25 years.

To see Rafael Sánchez, General Manager of Endesa Andalucía, remarks on the eCity project, access the recorded broadcast on the South Summit website (min 01:42 on the Mobility & Smart infrastructures track)

Isla de la Cartuja in Seville may find itself at the forefront of energy sustainability and become the leading European city area in terms of innovative renewable energy, sustainable transport, efficient building, open data and digital infrastructure.

The #eCitySevilla project, a public-private collaboration initiative led by Endesa, the Cartuja Science and Technology Park, the Junta de Andalucía and Seville City Council, contemplates the possibility of generating 100% renewable energy with storage, in addition to improving the energy efficiency of approximately 50 smart buildings by 35% and having 20% of its fleet fully electric by 2025.


A socially responsible island

#eCitySevilla aims to make Isla de la Cartuja a model of urban energy transition and sustainability that will set an example to other international cities. According to Josep Trabado, General Manager of Endesa X, the aim is to establish a valid, useful model adapted to the needs of future urban environments. “Our objective is to help customers electrify and decarbonise so that their homes, businesses and companies, tools and services pollute as little as possible,” he explains.

Isla de la Cartuja could be operating with a 100% renewable electricity supply in 2025 thanks to a photovoltaic generation farm and the development of large storage plants. In addition, the implementation of efficient buildings and the deployment of charging points to promote sustainable mobility will make the entire area a socially responsible environment.


Renewable energies, sustainable mobility and digital infrastructure

The keys to achieving the objectives of the #eCitySevilla project start with generating an energy supply from renewable energy sources, an initial approach to self-consumption and photovoltaic generation facilities with more than 30 megawatts on the project site.

This energy production would cover three-quarters of the 85 gigawatt hours per year of the island’s requirements, reaching 100% when the other lines of work of the study are complete, which involve improving the energy efficiency of buildings by 35% and deploying energy storage systems.

Another aspect is the need for a sustainable fleet of vehicles, for which it is planned to install 200 electric charging points to replace 2,000 of the vehicles that flow through the Cartuja PCT every day with electric vehicles by 2025, as well as redesigning and pedestrianising the space.

All the infrastructures analysed in the #eCitySevilla study require the development of a Smart Grid or smart electrical network, like those that Endesa has been testing successfully for more than ten years. These networks enable a higher degree of automation and control which, when combined with the digital development of the area, would allow the installation of an open data system to capture, exchange and analyse information with advanced technologies to build a model that can be used at the international level through a platform enabled for that purpose.

Rafael Sánchez Durán, CEO of Endesa Andalusia, presents the eCity project at South Summit 2020
Rafael Sánchez Durán, CEO of Endesa Andalusia, presents the eCity project at South Summit 2020
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