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Nexo, the smart home

In a clear commitment to the Internet of things, we launched Nexo, a system that allows our homes to become real smart homes.

Family doing different activities in their home
"Why has Christmas gone, mum?" asked Iris when she arrived home. Everything was in darkness, including the lights of the tree that had been put up with such care the previous evening. The little two-year-old girl couldn't understand why they had gone out.

"It hasn't happened to us again since: since getting Nexo everything has been far easier and there's nothing to explain. From my mobile phone I can programme the lights so that they come on when Iris arrives home with my wife. And when she opens the door it's there, her illuminated tree, her Christmas." The person speaking is Emiliano Pelone, a 38-year-old Italian who has transformed his house in Madrid into a smart home.

It's neither difficult nor costly. Nexo is easy to use and worthwhile too in terms of energy efficiency and peace of mind. It is a system with various interconnected devices that enable the user to remain remotely connected to their home via their mobile phone, tablet or computer.

"This system makes life easier on day-to-day basis. I have an app on my mobile phone which notifies me if a window or a door is opened and if I have left the living rooms lights or heating on," explains Emiliano. And that's not all. Nexo also enables us to keep an eye on all the electrical appliances in our home, to reduce our electricity bill and to enjoy greater peace of mind when we're out.

“With Nexo everything is easier and there's nothing to explain. I can switch on the lights from my mobile phone. Everything is programmed.”

Emiliano Pelone, a Nexo customer

How does it work?

The system consists of a hub, a thermostat, a consumption meter, an open/close sensor and several outlets. The hub interconnects all electrical devices. The thermostat informs us about the temperature of our home, which can be adjusted to suit our needs. Meanwhile, the consumption meter provides information on the energy we are consuming in our home in real time, enabling us to keep total control over our electricity bill. And the outlets enable us to switch the electrical devices in our homes on and off remotely. Who doesn't like to have the coffee machine switched on and ready when their alarm goes off? Or to be able to switch off the TV at home if we know that our children have been watching it for more than an hour rather than doing their homework?

pictures of a hub, a thermostat, a consumption meter, an open/close sensor and an outlet
The Nexo system consisting of a hub, a thermostat, a consumption meter, an open/close sensor and an outlet

In addition, when we're a long way from home the open/close sensor gives us a little extra peace of mind. Thanks to this device it's possible to know whether someone has entered when the homeowner is out. Or to programme the lights to come on to simulate a presence when we are away on holiday.

After almost a year of pilot tests and with a consistent record of genuine customer satisfaction, Endesa is now launching this product which stands apart from those typically offered by electricity companies in a clear demonstration of our commitment to the "Internet of things". Because we know that the customer is becoming increasingly digital, we present Nexo.