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Vulnerable families of Calatayud experience pre-paid electricity for the first time in Spain

Interior of the room illuminated with electric light.
  • Last 31 May, Endesa, Ecodes and the Town Hall of Calatayud signed an agreement that launched a pilot project to incentivise efficient energy consumption in vulnerable families that allows optimising the management of subsidies for pre-paid electricity granted by the town halls.
  • The real operation has already begun, and over 12 months, 18 families of Calatayud will receive a recharge for the amount equivalent to the electricity that has been estimated to equal their consumption.  

The ReluCe Project, sponsored by ECODES, ENDESA and the Town Hall of Calatayud, is now underway. The operation started with the objective of incentivising efficient energy consumption and controlling the expenses of vulnerable families through a pre-paid electricity system. This is the first experience of its kind in Spain.

With this system, the user is informed each week by SMS about the evolution of their balance and the expected need to recharge, if necessary, to reach the end of the month. In this way, the consumer can control the expenses made and adapt their consumption.

When the balance is close to running out, the participants receive a notice on their cell phones, informing them of the need to recharge.  If they do not, they will have no credit left, and their power would be reduced to the level that allows them to cover basic needs, avoiding the supply from being cut off.

The project allows improving the management of electricity expenses in the homes of these families, the planning of the family financial resources, avoiding unexpected expenses and allows knowing the consumption on a weekly basis, in order to be able to implement measures if consumptions are detected above the optimum level in each home.

Prior to the start of operations, the project has optimised the electricity contract of 18 families, by helping them to process the social rebate that they had the right to in their cases, by proposing more appropriate rates and adapting the power contracted.

The Town Hall of Calatayud has an important role both in the support of the participating families and accompanying them, as well as in the communication with them, providing support both to Ecodes and Endesa to carry out the project.

For its part, Ecodes has maintained continuous contact with the families, advising and educating them to better understand their electricity bill, and the habits and measures to achieve an efficient consumption.


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