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Endesa Foundation is launching the 3rd edition of the Awards for Educational Eco-innovation for students and education centres

Last edition of the Awards for Educational Eco-innovation
Participantes en la última edición de los premios Ecoinnovación

Endesa Foundation once again proves its commitment to environmental education of young people by launching the third edition of the educational eco-innovation awards.

These awards, designed with the collaboration of the Society and Education European Foundation, seeks to give value to society by generating social interest in the environment and fostering values among new generations such as responsibility, undertaking and cooperation with preservation of the environment.

This competition is a response from Endesa Foundation to the diagnosis of the 2016 report “Endesa Foundation Ecobarometer. Ecological culture and education” that highlighted some shortcomings in the ecological culture of our young people.

Therefore, Endesa Foundation is holding the awards all over Spain to motivate educational centres to reflect on nature and the environment and challenge them to propose innovative solutions for their conservation. The participation of centres increased by 35% last year compared to the first edition and has meant an opportunity to identify and recognise attitudes and best practices in the environmental education of students and teachers from each autonomous community.

For all previous editions, 293 centres presented 337 projects. For the 2017-2018 academic year, 170 centres applied for the Awards, with a total of 194 projects throughout their three categories: “What is Nature to you?”, “My creative solution to an environmental problem” and “How would you improve your setting?”

Participants especially focused on topics such as ecological and environmental sponsorship, drawing up studies and proposals for conservation of the fauna and nature, in the recycling culture with awareness and responsibility campaigns on energy-saving with different analyses. The seven winning projects went to teaching centres from the communities of Navarra, Andalucía, Aragón, Asturias, Madrid and Canarias. For further information about the winning projects click on this link: Winners of the 2nd Edition

The provision of the awards for each of the three categories consists of a prize for each finalist, national dissemination of their project and a financial stipend to continue developing the environmental initiative in each centre: for the first category €2000 each, the second category €2000 each, and in the third category €4000; for renovation and adaptation to responsible energy and water consumption by means of the Endesa Foundation Entity for the equivalent amount.

Applications for all three categories will be exclusively on-line by means of filling in the form available at the website ecoinnovacion.fundacionendesa.org and following the instructions set out there and in the legal foundations, which clearly detail the format and evaluation criteria requirements.   The period for registry of applications starts on Thursday 27 September 2018 and ends on Friday 14 December 2018.


About the Endesa Foundation

The Endesa Foundation, chaired by Borja Prado, has a clear commitment to social development through its educational projects, training for employment, environmental pledge and cultural initiatives.

It boosts educational projects by means of initiatives aimed at transforming and innovating education at all levels and fostering academic excellence in universities through scholarships, grants and academic chairs.

It supports employment training projects, focusing on the promotion of talent, aimed at people at risk of social exclusion, low-income young entrepreneurs and professionals over the age of 50.

It promotes environmental-like initiatives related to education in ecological culture and promotion of energy efficiency. Moreover, it is committed to environmental impact reduction projects in industrial areas as another commitment of the Endesa Foundation.

Last but by no means least, the Foundation continues to work on shining light on historical-artistic heritage properties and promoting, restoring and preserving art and culture.

Further information at:  http://www.fundacionendesa.org/


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