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The third stage of the tour of Spain in electric vehicles reaches the plaza del Pilar in Zaragoza

 Electric vehicle parked at the end of the third stage of the eVuelta
  • The third stage of the 1st Edition of the Tour of Spain in electric vehicles left the town of Almazán (Soria) today and reached the Plaza del Pilar in Zaragoza.
  • A touch of humour was provided by the comedian and actress from Zaragoza, Esther Gimeno, who accompanied an employee from Endesa on the tour through towns such as Calatayud and La Muela. In total, around 180km aboard a new Volkswagen electric vehicle model.
  • This first edition of the Tour of Spain in electric vehicles, began on 24 May in As Pontes and will end in Madrid on 11 June. In total, 14 stages, around 2,000 kilometres and 19 provinces, to take electric mobility as far as possible.
  • The tour will have a website, https://vueltaenvehiculoelectrico.endesa.com, offering full updated information every day, photographs, videos with the monologists, etc.
  • With this initiative, Endesa wants to continue to promote electric mobility as the driving force behind the transformation towards a new zero-emission energy model and to inform society of all its advantages with the help of the company's own employees.
  • The 1st Edition of the Tour of Spain in electric vehicles reached Zaragoza today, specifically, the Plaza del Pilar in the city of Zaragoza in the Aragon region. The stage covered 180 kilometres aboard Volkswagen’s 100% electric model, the Golf E, which was the official car for this third stage. As in each of the fourteen stages, the voluntary employee from Endesa drove the vehicle, accompanied by a very special co-pilot, which today was the comedian and actress from Zaragoza, Esther Gimeno, in charge of providing a touch of humour along the way (if you would like to see the videos of each stage, click here) and to talk about sustainable mobility in a fun and friendly manner.
  • And as the ultimate aim of this initiative is to provide people with more information about electric mobility, what better way to do so than by enjoying a party held for the general public. Accordingly, a party was held in the Plaza del Pilar from 13h to 20h where all the residents of Zaragoza were able to find out more about the electric vehicle used in this stage, which was there for all to see: they could feel what it is like to drive one of these vehicles with the virtual reality glasses that simulate a track; or play with the electric game par excellence, the famous Scalextrix.
  • The 1st Edition of the Tour of Spain in electric vehicles is organised by Endesa with the collaboration of six important vehicle manufacturers, BMW, Nissan, Kia, Renault, Smart and Volkswagen and aims to become the leading electric mobility celebration in Spain and the most important event of the year for those interested in electric mobility; the believers and the sceptics too, and, above all, the great Spanish meeting for those committed to eliminating emissions from our roads with kilowatts and sustainable driving. Endesa has chosen the best ambassadors for this First Tour of Spain in electric vehicles: its employees.
  • The tour began on 24 May in As Pontes and will end in Madrid, on 11 June. In total, 14 stages, around 2,000 kilometres and 19 provinces in mainland Spain and the islands, to take electric mobility as far as possible. But they will not be alone. The Tour's official car will carry a pilot and a very special co-pilot for each stage, to help promote sustainable mobility in a friendly and fun manner with a touch of humour.
  • Endesa has chosen the best ambassadors as the drivers for this First Tour of Spain in electric vehicles by choosing its employees, who have voluntarily taken part in the first editions of the company’s Mobility Plan and already drive with zero emissions. And they will be accompanied by celebrities and fun comedians and monologists during each stage.
  • As the official car for each stage have cameras installed inside, we are able to capture the drivers' sensations and their interaction with the guest and these experiences and we are sharing these experiences after each stage on the tour’s official website (https://vueltaenvehiculoelectrico.endesa.com,) and on social media. It includes employee selection videos, a programme of all the events, stage schedules, interactive maps with information about the kilometres covered, emissions saved, etc.
  • The last stage of the Tour will be held on Sunday 11 June, on the Paseo del Prado in Madrid, which will be a very special and fun day for all. The Madrid City Council will close this central area to traffic on Sundays to make the capital a more sustainable city, with more pedestrian areas and cultural activities to enjoy. This is where the end of the tour party will be held, with all the vehicle brands present for everyone to enjoy, as the finishing touch to the first edition of this initiative.


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