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Endesa X launches the first monthly recharge rates on its Juice Pass app to further facilitate electric mobility

Charging an electric vehicle at an EndesaX point.
Charging an electric vehicle at an EndesaX point.
  • New recharge rates: now in addition to paying per use (kWh per session), it will be possible to subscribe to new monthly recharge rates from the JuicePass recharge app: €9.99 for 35kwh, with which you can travel about 200km, or €49.99 for 200 kWh (about 1,200km of autonomy).
  • The user can save more than 35% on fast chargers and more than 25% on semi-fast chargers with these rates compared to the standard ones.
  • Single access: the JuicePass app will be the only access point (pass) for all recharges, both for home and for recharging on public roads or even at the office.
  • Interoperability: JuicePass enables access not only to the network of points managed by Endesa X, but also to those points of other mobility operators with which Endesa X has interoperability agreements and to the entire network of charging points in the rest of Europe managed by Enel X, thus accessing a network of more than 50,000 recharging points in Europe.
  • 100% digital: Through the app, charging becomes a totally digital experience, since users can access the stations, reserve, charge and pay through their mobile phones. And always with 24/7 customer service.

Endesa X continues to advance in its commitment to promote electric mobility in our country.  Its objective is to make this transition ever easier for users, to cover all their needs and continue to break one of the barriers that still exists today when making this leap: recharging.

For this reason, it has launched the first portfolio of monthly rates for electric vehicles so that the customer chooses according to their needs and can sign up to these rates and use them from their recharging app, JuicePass, enabling access to its public access charging network.

Now, in addition to being able to pay for what you consume (kWh per session), which is very useful for specific charges, the customer will be able to sign up to the new monthly recharge rates - already active in the app - and all from their mobile. You can choose between paying €9.99 for 35kWh, with which you can travel about 200 km (1) , or pay €49.99 to recharge up to 200 kWh (about 1,200 km (1)).

The objective of Endesa X is to make recharging ever easier, to make it adapt to the needs of users in a more economical way, since the cost per recharge is cheaper when compared to carrying out a point charge. Savings of more than 35% can be made on fast chargers and more than 25% on semi-fast chargers with these rates compared to the standard ones.

Additionally, and to make it even more attractive, Endesa X has launched a promotion on these new monthly rates, which will be effective until the end of the year: the first month is free. In other words, all users who sign up until 31 December 2020 to the new “JuicePass 35” or “JuicePass 200” rates will not pay their first monthly fee nor will they have any commitment to stay.

JuicePass is Endesa X's electric vehicle charging service, giving access to one of the largest public charging networks for electric vehicles that already exists in our country.   As of today, more than 1,000 charging points are already available and operational in the app, both managed by Endesa X and those of other operators with whom we have interoperability agreements, and many more will be added in the coming months. 

Furthermore, the Endesa X application gives the user access to the entire network of recharging points managed by Enel, the global group to which Endesa X belongs, thus accessing a network of more than 50,000 recharging points.

The app is available on iOs and Android and the registration process to use the application is optional and you can sign up from your Facebook or Google account, or by providing an email. In addition, when registering, the user will be able to enjoy advantageous economic conditions in recharging thanks to the existing recharge rates, it will allow them to create their own account with their preferences and payment methods, which will facilitate subsequent recharges. In any case, you can always choose to use it without prior registration and pay directly with your credit card.


What can you do with JuicePass?

With the launch of these new rates, Endesa X has also taken the opportunity to renew the Juice Pass image and improve the user experience, adding functionalities that will allow the recharging experience to be better and more personalised.

RESERVE: Be able to reserve the chosen charging point so that it is available upon arrival.

CUSTOMISE: Be able to set up the electric or plug-in hybrid car model from the list that the app offers you, so that you can have a much more integrated and personalised experience with the car model.

LOCATE: View the available charging points on the renewed map which guides you along the most appropriate route to reach the charging point.

CONTROL: Determine the start and end of the recharge, as well as monitor the energy supplied to have absolute control of each session and with the history of recharges.

PAY: Pay the monthly fee or pay for each recharge simply by associating the bank card with the app conveniently and safely.

UPDATES: The registered user will receive notifications, news, exclusive promotions, a better recharge price and be able to choose between more recharge rates.


About Endesa X

Endesa X, Endesa's new business line to respond to the paradigm shift in the energy sector, is committed to promoting electric mobility in our country, to facilitating change and transition to all customers, offering solutions that break the barriers that still exist today when it comes to jumping to electric mobility and that cover all the recharging needs that a user may have. And for this it works globally:

  • Within the company, both with the transformation of its own corporate fleet (today more than 30% is electrified) and helping its employees to make the leap to mobility with zero emissions (10% of the workforce already use an electric car for their private purposes).
  • Outside the company, with our customers, with the contribution of commercial solutions (such as the first all-inclusive electric renting, OneElectric, or the public access recharging infrastructure plan), we are making the transition towards electric mobility simpler for both private and business customers. And all this, hand in hand with the best partners thanks to the hundreds of agreements the company is reaching, like this one with GACOSUR.


Press release in PDF

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