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Endesa X agrees with Vithas to install 22 electric vehicle charging points in Vithas group hospitals

Endesa X Chargers
  • These “energy islands” will be available in 11 of the 19 hospitals belonging to the Vithas group, the first health group with 100% Spanish capital and the country’s second largest.
  • The chargers will be installed in public car parks at the hospitals and, thanks to the fast charging technology (22kW), electric vehicles can be charged in an hour or an hour and a half, corresponding to the amount of time users might spend in hospitals of these characteristics.
  • Customers who want to use them will just have to download the Endesa X charging app, Juice Pass, which also allows you to book a charging point.
  • The agreement forms part of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure development plan Endesa presented last year, which includes the installation of 8,500 public-access charging points by 2023.
  • Vithas frames this agreement within its strategic plan for energy efficiency and sustainability, which has already provided 100% renewable electricity sources to all its hospitals, with sustained savings for five consecutive years

Endesa X will install 22 charging points in hospitals belonging to the Vithas group, the first private health group with 100% Spanish capital and the country’s second largest. All charging points will be supplied by 100% renewable energy.

The agreement, which gives continuity to the Endesa X public-access electric vehicle charging infrastructure expansion plan, will initially see these “energy islands” being installed in 11 Vithas group hospitals in the Valencian Community (Vithas Alicante, Vithas Castellón, Vithas Valencia 9 de Octobre, Valencia Consuelo and Valencia Aguas Vivas); Andalusia (Vithas Xanit Internacional, Vithas Almería, Vithas Sevilla and Vithas Granada) and Madrid (Vithas Madrid Arturo Soria and Vithas Madrid Pardo de Aravaca), although it could be expanded to more locations.

The charging points will use 22kW fast charging technology, which can charge a vehicle in between one hour and an hour and a half, approximately (depending on the percentage charge the vehicle is at and its characteristics). These charging times correspond to the amount of time users might spend in one of these hospitals.

This is in line with one of the objectives of the Endesa X plan, which is to facilitate the availability of infrastructure without consumers and users having to change their habits and behaviours.

Chargers will be available in hospital parking lots 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Users will have to have Endesa X’s app, JuicePass, (available for iOS and Android) to activate the service and start the charging process.  It will not be necessary to register to use the app, since you can charge and pay each time with a credit card.

Creating a profile in the application and registering with JuicePass has several advantages for customers: the process is expedited; detailed information of charging points, prices and operating hours is available; charging particulars can be monitored in real time and your history of charges and invoices accessed; and there are discounts off the charging price.


Endesa X: development of public-access charging infrastructures

This collaboration agreement with Vithas allows Endesa X to advance in its plan to expand electric vehicle charging infrastructure, which aims to install more than 36,000 across Spain by 2022. Of these, 8,500 points will be publicly accessible, and the rest will be for individuals and businesses. Endesa will invest a total of €65 million in this Plan, which is the most ambitious in Spain.

In the first phase of the project (2019-2020), Endesa X will establish a network of 2,000 public-access charging points strategically located to cover the 15,000 kilometres of main roads that exist in Spain and connect cities of more than 35,000 people. This means drivers will always have charging point within 100 kilometres and will ensure that 75% of the population has public charging infrastructure in their municipality.

In a second stage (between 2021 and 2023), another 6,500 new charging points will be installed, providing greater coverage of charging infrastructure in urban areas and the main strategic communication nodes, both on the mainland and the islands.

To achieve this goal, Endesa X is reaching agreements with different partners, such as Vithas, thanks to which about 1,500 charging points are already underway, agreed and in the installation phase throughout Spain.


Vithas is looking after the planet’s health, too

Vithas frames this agreement within its strategic plan for energy efficiency and sustainability, which aims to reduce greenhouse gases and encourage the use of green energies in its network of 19 hospitals and 28 medical centres, with the end goal of looking after the health of our planet.

As a result of this plan, Vithas reduced CO2 emissions by 772.5 tonnes in 2019, equivalent to planting 2,068 trees, and decreased its overall energy consumption for the fifth year in a row. In addition, during 2020, all the electricity consumed by the Group’s 19 hospitals will come from 100% renewable sources with their corresponding official certificates.

This is an environmental commitment that Vithas is now also expanding to its patients and users by facilitating the use of non-polluting vehicles through the electric charging points at 11 of its hospitals.


Press release in PDF

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