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Endesa will manage 400 recharging points for electric cars in Saba parking garages

Recharging point for electric car
Recharging point for electric car
  • Endesa and Saba reach an agreement that includes an initial deployment of 144 recharging points that are now operating in 36 parking garages across 14 cities in Spain.
  • All points will have the 22 kW (semi-fast) technology, allowing users to recharge 80% of their electric car battery in approximately 1 hour.
  • The agreement forms part of the plan that Endesa presented in mid-November, which includes the installation of 108,000 recharging points in the next five years, of which more than 8,500 points will accessible to the public.
  • The Saba group will increase the recharging points in its parking garages in 2019 thanks to an alliance with Endesa and by promoting the Alternative Mobility Support Plan from the Ministry of Energy Transition (Movalt Plan), thus reinforcing its commitment to sustainable mobility and new added value services for its customers

Endesa X, Endesa’s new business line that offers added value services and innovative technological solutions in the world of energy, has signed an agreement with Saba and Saba Barcelona Bamsa, renowned  parking garage managers, to deploy up to 400 recharging points in their network of parking garages. The agreement includes the implementation of the recharging points in 36 parking garages, 18 in the Saba network and 18 in the Bamsa network (public-private company owned 60% by Saba and 40% by the City Hall of Barcelona). Saba and Bamsa assume the development and investment of this recharging network that Endesa will operate.

The initial deployment of the agreement includes starting the operation of 144 recharging points, that are now operating, in 36 parking garages in 14 cities in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona , A Coruña, Alicante, Marbella and Pamplona, among others).

All points will have the 22 kW (semi-fast) technology, allowing users to recharge 80% of their electric car battery in approximately 1 hour. In addition, they will have a universal connector for this type of charging, and will be available to all customers—both one-time customers and those with passes—that park at the Saba parking garages.

The infrastructures deployed are connected to Endesa’s digital platform that will allow the interoperability and remote control of the points. Thanks to the ecaR cell phone application available on iOS and Android, users will be able to find recharging stations, find out their status and even pay with their credit card without needing to be an Endesa customer.

The agreement forms part of the Public Access Infrastructure Development Plan for Electric Cars that Endesa presented in mid-November—the most ambitious plan to promote electric mobility that has been implemented in our country: 108,000 public and private recharging points for electric vehicles in the next five years, of which more than 8,500 points will be of public access.

For Saba, this project gives continuity to the effort made in recent years to incorporate different models of mobility and new added value services in parking garages, designed as hubs of services. It is aware that adapting to new times means committing to change and introducing new technologies in order to improve customer service. In this regard, the electric car boom is reflected through a greater number of parking spaces for this type of car, in anticipation of the demand. Thanks to this agreement with Endesa, the Saba group will increase the recharging points in its parking garages by also taking advantage of the subsidies provided for in the Alternative Mobility Support Plan from the Ministry of Energy (Movalt Plan).


About Endesa

Endesa, which maintains a firm commitment to sustainable development, is very aware of the energy challenges that society is facing and promotes electricity as an energy vector that is capable of reconciling the increasingly demanding environmental and efficiency requirements for citizens’ energy needs.  Electric mobility is fundamental in the energy transition. Endesa’s response to this paradigm shift in the energy sector is “Endesa X”, a new business line with which it wishes to be an active agent in the energy transformation, and with which it aspires to change the rules of the game, leading the change toward electrifying the fleet of vehicles in Spain and democratizing electric mobility.


About Saba

Saba is a renowned industrial operator in developing solutions in the scope of urban mobility, specialising in the management of parking garages. With a staff of over 2,300 people, the Group is present in 9 countries of Europe and Latin America and has 378,000 parking spaces, distributed across 800 centres.

The company, focussed on high end innovation and new commercial strategies, incorporates intelligent services associated with the mobility of people and cars into its parking garages. It was a pioneer in the installation of the VIA T and charging by using QR technology. It also has a website where 100% digital products can be purchased. In addition, it has promoted new systems of control, the automation of discounts at cash registers and the development of service.


About Saba Barcelona Bamsa

Saba Barcelona Bamsa is a mixed company, owned 60% by Saba and 40% by the City Hall of Barcelona through BSM. The company, which currently manages 23 parking garages in the centre of the city, will add up to 26 parking garages in the future that will be incorporated into the network as the current concessions mature.

Parking Garage
Recharging Equipment
Connection Points
APARCAMIENTO FRANCESC CAMBÓ Barcelona 2 4 Avda Francesc Cambó 10 08003 BARCELONA
APARCAMIENTO DIPUTACIO Barcelona 2 4 Calle Diputacio S/N 08007 BARCELONA
Barcelona 2 4 Calle Dr. Ferrer i Cajigal S/N 08034 BARCELONA
APARCAMIENTO LONDRES Barcelona 2 4 Calle Londres nº 56 08037 BARCELONA
2 4 Calle L'Abant Safont 2 08001 BARCELONA
APARCAMIENTO PASSEIG DE GRACIA-MALLORCA Barcelona 2 4 Pg. de Gràcia S/N (Aragó-Roselló) 08007 BARCELONA
APARCAMIENTO RAMBLA CATALUNYA Barcelona 2 4 Rambla de Catalunya S/N 08007 BARCELONA
APARCAMIENTO PLAZA DEL SOL Barcelona 2 4 Plaza del Sol nº 5, 08012 BARCELONA
APARCAMIENTO TARRADELLAS I Barcelona 2 4 Avda Josep Tarradellas nº 139 08029 BARCELONA
APARCAMIENTO PLAZA DELS ANGELS Barcelona 2 4 Calle dels Angels nº 1 08001 BARCELONA
APARCAMIENTO TARRADELLAS III Barcelona 2 4 Avda Josep Tarradellas nº 46 08029 BARCELONA
APARCAMIENTO URGELL Barcelona 2 4 Calle Comte de Urgell nº 12, 08011 BARCELONA
APARCAMIENTO VALENCIA-CALABRIA Barcelona 2 4 Calle Valencia nº 77, 08015 BARCELONA
APARCAMIENTO VILARDELL Barcelona 2 4 Calle Vilardell 20, 08014 BARCELONA
APARCAMIENTO JARDINETS DE GRACIA Barcelona 2 4 Passeig de Gracia S/N (Jardinets) 08008 BARCELONA
APARCAMIENTO PASSEIG DE GRACIA CONSELL DEL CENT Barcelona 2 4 Passeig de Gracia S/N (Gran Vía/Aragó) 08007 BARCELONA
APARCAMIENTO PLAÇA CATALUNYA Barcelona 2 4 Plaça de Catalunya S/N 08002 BARCELONA
APARCAMIENTO CARLES III Barcelona 2 4 Gran Vía Carles III 85 BIS, 08028 BARCELONA
APARCAMIENTO CATEDRAL Barcelona 2 4 Avda Catedral S/N 08002 BARCELONA
APARCAMIENTO PAU CLARIS Barcelona 2 4 Calle Pau Clarís nº 174 08037 BARCELONA
APARCAMIENTO TRAVESSERA 17 Barcelona 2 4 Travessera de Gracia nº 17 08021 BARCELONA
APARCAMIENTO TRAVESSERA 43 Barcelona 2 4 Travessera de Gracia nº 43 08021 BARCELONA
2 4 Plaza de la Plana S/N 08912 BADALONA
2 4 Plaza Major S/N 08500 VIC
APARCAMIENTO BERENGUER I CARNICER Girona 2 4 Calle Berenguer i Carnicar (Nous Jutjats) 17001 GIRONA
APARCAMIENTO AMESTOY Castro-Urdiales 2 4 Avda Constitución S/N 39700 CASTROURDIALES
APARCAMIENTO PLAZA DEL CASTILLO Pamplona 2 4 Plaza del Castillo S/N 31001 PAMPLONA
APARCAMIENTO FIGUERES Figueres 2 4 Plaza de Catalunya  S/N 17600 FIGUERES
APARCAMIENTO MAISONNAVE Alicante 2 4 Avda Maisonnave S/N 03003 ALICANTE
APARCAMIENTO PLAZA MOSTENSES Madrid 2 4 Plaza de los Mostenses S/N 28015 MADRID
Marbella 2 4 Camino de la Ribera S/N 29660 MARBELLA
APARCAMIENTO SANTA ANNA Mataró 2 4 Plaza Santa Anna S/N 08302 MATARÓ


Press release in PDF

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