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Endesa will install fast and ultra-fast chargers in the Andamur service stations

Josep Trabado, General Manager of Endesa X (left) and Miguel Ángel López, CEO of Andamur.
Josep Trabado, General Manager of Endesa X (left) and Miguel Ángel López, CEO of Andamur. Facebook Twitter Email Print
  • The first two “Energy Islands” will be located in the cities of San Román (Álava) and Pamplona (Navarra), and will start operations this year, allowing users to charge 80% of their battery in 15-20 minutes.
  • Any electric vehicle existing in the market that has fast charging will be able to use this infrastructure, given that the new points incorporate standard Combo CCS, CHadeMO and AC connectors.
  • The agreement forms part of the plan that Endesa presented in mid-November, which includes the installation of 108,000 recharging points in the next five years, of which more than 8,500 points will accessible to the public.
  • This alliance represents an important step in Andamur’s strategy that is based on offering its clients multi-energy service areas, thus responding to the demand for new energy solutions for mobility.

Endesa X and Andamur have signed an agreement to deploy a recharging infrastructure for electric vehicles in the 6 service stations in Spain, and that are also strategically located.  The agreement includes the deployment of fast and ultra-fast charging points.

The signing for this alliance was celebrated today in Endesa’s corporate headquarters in Madrid by Josep Trabado, general manager of Endesa X, and Miguel Ángel López, CEO of Andamur.

“Last November, we announced the most ambitious plan that has ever existed in Spain to develop electric mobility. With the agreement we signed today, we are demonstrating with facts that we are on the right path in our objective to guarantee that any driver, no matter where they are, can freely drive around the entire country in an electric vehicle. With our plan, we are going to weave a network of chargers throughout the 15,000 kilometres of the main roads in the country to guarantee that any driver of an electric vehicle will have a recharging point within a radius of less than 100 kilometres. The Andamur stations provide us with unbeatable locations to meet this goal”, stated Josep Trabado.

For Miguel Ángel López, “Andamur’s commitment to service is demonstrated time and time again as we provide our customers with the products and services that the market needs at any given time, as has occurred in previous stages.  Mobility is facing new challenges today, which must be resolved with the adequate and efficient use of the existing alternatives. The combination of improving the current fuels, through innovation, and the presence of new energy alternatives, such as electricity, will allow us to successfully advance toward tangible results, within the scope of the transition we will be undertaking in the coming years.

Initially, the works will start in the San Román and Pamplona service stations, and they are expected to start operations this year.  Endesa will install two fast charging points with a power of 50 kW, allowing an electric car to be charged within minutes: 80% of the battery capacity is recovered within 15 to 20 minutes. Each point also allows recharging both in continuous current (CCS Combo, CHAdeMO) and in alternating current (Mennekes). So, it will also be possible to provide service to all models of electric cars existing in the market.

All recharging points will be connected to a digital platform that allow for the interoperability and remote control of the points (through the ecaR cell phone application available on IOS and Android), which can be reserved before reaching the service station. The users will be able to use this application to find charging stations, find out its status, start and finish the process from their cell phone and even pay for the service with their credit card without needing to be an Endesa customer.

The agreement forms part of the Public Access Infrastructure Development Plan for Electric Cars that Endesa presented in mid-November—the most ambitious plan to promote electric mobility that has been implemented in our country: 108,000 public and private recharging points for electric cars in the next five years, of which more than 8,500 points will be of public access. The first 2,000 charging points between 2019 and 2020. It is a very ambitious plan, for which Endesa has vast experience: in the private environment, it has 1,800 recharging points in private homes and companies, and in the public environment, it already manages over 170 points.


Andamur and electric mobility

Andamur’s main goal is to expand and improve the services it offers its customers, both in the tourism sector, as well as for heavy vehicles, a market in which it has a significant position. The evolution toward multi-energy offers is a clear commitment by Andamur, which thus allows it to maintain a proactive attitude in light of the demand for new energy solutions for mobility.


About Endesa

Endesa, which maintains a firm commitment to sustainable development, is very aware of the energy challenges that society is facing and promotes electricity as an energy vector that is capable of reconciling the increasingly demanding environmental and efficiency requirements for citizens’ energy needs.  Electric mobility is fundamental in the energy transition. Endesa’s response to this paradigm shift in the energy sector is Endesa X, a new business line with which it wishes to be an active agent in the energy transformation, and with which it aspires to change the rules of the game, leading the change toward electrifying the fleet of vehicles in Spain and democratizing electric mobility.


About Andamur

Andamur is a close-knit, professional, family-owned routing services company whose mission is to generate the maximum profitability for companies in the transport sector, assuming the highest level of demand and commitment to individuals, families, drivers and companies.

Currently, Andamur has a network of over 170 service stations strategically located in the main transport motorway routes in 9 countries of Europe: Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Poland.  In addition, it offers solutions to transport companies throughout the national and international motorways, by supplying fuel and other related services, such as tolls, VAT recovery, etc.

Andamur has become a reference in the sector. The company finished 2018 with a 17% increase in its sales. In addition, it has had an average increase of at least 10% since 2010.


Press release in PDF

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