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Endesa will install over 100,000 charging points for electric vehicles in the next five years

Left to right: Elena Bernárdez, head of e-mobility at Endesa X; José Bogas, the managing director of Endesa; Borja Prado, president of Endesa; Josep Trabado, general manager of Endesa X; and Francesco Venturini, Head Enel X
Left to right: Elena Bernárdez, head of e-mobility at Endesa X; José Bogas, the managing director of Endesa; Borja Prado, president of Endesa; Josep Trabado, general manager of Endesa X; and Francesco Venturini, Head Enel X
  • The Company’s new line of business will see Endesa offer and develop new, advanced energy solutions with added value, in order to meet the needs of companies, towns and Spanish homes alike.
  • Endesa X will install over 8,500 public access points, worth a total investment of 65 million Euros. Over 2000 of these points are to be installed in 2019-2020, giving over 75% of the Spanish population access to the facilities, with a further 6,500 points being installed between 2021 and 2023, thereby guaranteeing wider coverage in urban areas, on the main motorways and islands.
  • Throughout the course of this endeavour, Endesa X plans on installing over 100,000 private charging points in residential and company car parks.
  • The electricity supplied to over 8,500 public access charging points will be 100% certified renewable energy, thereby guaranteeing that the energy comes from clean sources.

Today, Endesa announced a plan to install over 108,000 public and private charging points for electric vehicles in Spain, to be carried out via Endesa X, the new line of business offering added-value services and innovative technological solutions in the energy field.

With 8,500 public charging points being rolled out in 2019-2023, at an investment of 65 million Euros, in addition to a further 100,000 private points, Endesa , is launching by far the most ambitious plan towards driving electric mobility to be put in place across the whole of Spain.

Endesa’s managing director, José Boags, confirmed: “electric mobility is a strategic pillar for Endesa, given that it plays a fundamental role in moving towards a completely carbon-free energy system by 2050. Indeed, this aim is shared by all countries that signed the Paris COP 21 agreement, as well as a high number of different social and economic agents, on both a national and international scale”.

Once car manufacturers have managed to substantially increase battery life and the price of electric vehicles becomes competitive in relation to fuel-powered cars, we must overcome one more, final obstacle in order to facilitate the real-world transition to electric mobility. In other words, we must offer a large network of charging points, to guarantee that drivers can move around the entire country with ease.

Indeed, the aim of this ambitious Endesa X plan is precisely to eliminate this concern from the market, via the mass rolling out of charging points. This will peak the interest of many Spanish drivers, since, according to the studies carried out, up to 40% of them say they would be willing to buy an electric vehicle.

The Company’s Charging Facilities Plan was announced today during a ceremony at the Teatro Goya in Madrid, where Endesa X was also introduced. Endesa X was founded to respond to the energy transition and to the changing needs of more environmentally-aware, sophisticated clients. It will achieve this goal by developing and marketing a range of innovative products and digital solutions that will fall within four different business lines, namely: cities, homes, industries and mobility.

José Bogas - the managing director of Endesa, Josep Trabado – the general manager of Endesa X and Elena Bernárdez – the manager of Endesa X Electric Mobility, were in charge of presenting the Plan. Francesco Venturini, the head of Enel X, closed the ceremony.


A two-stage plan

The Endesa X Charging Facilities Plan will be implemented in two stages:


In the initial years of the Plan, Endesa X will establish a network of 2,000 charging points, which will connect the main cities (with over 35,000 inhabitants) and routes, covering 15,000 kilometres’ worth of main roads and urban areas and in turn, guaranteeing that 75% of the Spanish population can access public charging facilities in their area. This will mean that drivers always have a charging point within 100 kilometres of their location, no matter where they are.


In the second phase of the Plan, Endesa will install more than 6,500 new public access charging points (in shopping centres, car parks, hotel chains, service areas and on public roads, etc.,) in order to keep up with growth in the electric vehicle market, whilst meanwhile providing better distribution of facilities in urban areas and the main strategic communication points, even on the islands.

Meanwhile, Endesa X will drive the development of charging points in private residential and company car parks, aiming to create 100,000 charging points within the lifetime of the Plan.

This process will go hand in hand with the introduction of new electric vehicle models, the majority of which, considering the advancements of manufacturers, will have 400 kilometres’ worth of battery life.

The electricity supplied to over 8,500 public access charging points will be 100% certified renewable energy, thereby guaranteeing that the energy comes from clean sources.

The Endesa X plan aims to meet its clients’ varying needs by installing different technologies that make it possible to charge the vehicles battery at different speeds, in a variety of very different settings. The plan includes domestic charging at 3.7 kW (slow), 22 kW high-speed charging points, 50 kW high-speed charging points, and ultra-fast charging points operating at over 150 kW.

All the facilities provided under the Plan will be connected to the Enel X global digital platform, which will facilitate interoperability and remote control of the charging points. Endesa X aims to offer a flawless charging experience via the X-Recharge mobile app, which will grant its users complete access to information on the charging facility’s status, in addition to enabling them to manage their charging sessions.

Endesa X is a catalyst for change, driving new opportunities forwards and making the most of the experience Enel X holds in electric mobility, advanced energy solutions, flexible services and managing demand. Endesa X will develop and market innovative digital products and solutions, aimed at four sectors:

e-Home: aimed at residential clients, by providing maintenance and repair services for electrical devices, in addition to distributed generation systems and services and home air-conditioning and automation equipment.

e-Industry: offering solutions and services for industrial clients. These solutions are designed to maximise the potential of energy efficiency services, by making the most of flexible demand with the help of digital platforms.

e-City: solutions and services designed to enable the public sector to expand its public lighting networks, as well as high-efficiency solutions and intelligent cities, including fibre optic.

e-Mobility: electrical mobility solutions for residential, industrial, commercial and public-sector clients.


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