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Endesa to place 14 fast and semi-fast chargers at Petromiralles service stations

Endesa X charging point
  • The chargers will be installed in Catalonia (12), Navarre (1) and Basque Country (1).
  • Installations will include fast (50kW) and semi-fast (22kW) points; universal points are compatible from any model of electric vehicle—they can be reserved in advance from a mobile phone.
  • The agreement is part of the most ambitious electric-vehicle charging deployment plan in Spain, which Endesa presented in mid-November, and which involves installing 8500 public-access charging points over the course of five years.
  • This alliance marks an important step in Petromiralles's strategy to respond to the demand for new mobility energy solutions and to offer its clients multi-energy service areas.


Endesa X and Petromiralles, the Spanish petrol provider, have signed an agreement to install fast and semi-fast chargers at 14 Spanish services stations, located in Catalonia (12), Navarre (1) and Basque Country (1). 

The charging points to be installed will be fast (50kW) and semi-fast (22kW), which will make it possible to charge a battery for 100 km of uninterrupted driving in 15-20 minutes and 44 minutes, respectively. Additionally, these universal chargers will work on any model of electric vehicle.

Petromiralles's clients, regardless of whether they are Endesa clients, can use the recharging points. They are very easy to use, thanks to the new Juice Pass mobile app developed by Endesa X (available on iOS and Android). All charging points will be connected to Endesa's digital platform, and users can open the mobile app to find a charging station, learn its status and even pay to recharge their vehicle by credit card.

Not to mention, customers can recharge their vehicles with energy that is generated by 100% renewable, emissions-free sources, which they can confirm on the charger's Guarantee of Origin Certificate.

This collaboration agreement fits within the framework of the Public Access Infrastructure Development Plan for Electric Cars that Endesa presented in mid-November of last year, which aims to install 8500 publicly accessible recharging points in the next five years, the most ambitious plan in all of Spain.

In the initial phase of the Plan, Endesa X will establish a network of 2000 charging points, which will connect cities with over 35,000 inhabitants and routes, covering 15,000 kilometres' worth of main roads and urban areas, thus guaranteeing that 75% of the Spanish population can access public charging facilities in their area. This will mean that drivers always have a charging point within 100 kilometres of their location.

In the next phase, that is, from 2021 to 2023, Endesa will install more than 6500 new public access charging points in shopping centres, car parks, hotel chains, service areas and on public roads, etc., in order to keep up with growth in the electric vehicle market, while meanwhile providing better distribution of facilities in urban areas and the main strategic communication points, on both continental Spain and on the islands.


About Endesa

Endesa, which maintains a firm commitment to sustainable development, is very aware of the energy challenges that society is facing, and it promotes electricity as an energy vector that is capable of reconciling the increasingly demanding environmental and efficiency requirements for citizens' energy needs.  In this scenario, electric mobility plays a key role. Endesa's response to this paradigm shift in the energy sector is Endesa X, a new business line with which it wishes to be an active agent in the energy transformation, and with which it aspires to change the rules of the game, leading the change toward electrifying the fleet of vehicles in Spain and democratising electric mobility.


About Petromiralles

Since its formation, Petromiralles has been committed to the environment. For this reason, it advocates for use of fewer pollution-causing fossil fuels, and it is Catalonia's leading provider of recycled oil bio-diesel, selling 100% bio and other mixture levels in order to reduce the impact of vehicle emissions into our environment. Petromiralles also sells Bio-ethanol E-85, GLP, and now, with this new joint project with Endesa, Petromiralles is aiming to meet its clients' needs by offering the highest possible number of mobility options.


Press release in PDF

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