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Endesa installs 19 charging points for electric vehicles at Gacosur service stations in Andalusia

Electric vehicle charging at EndesaX point.
Electric vehicle charging at EndesaX point.
  • The new charging points installed by Endesa X at Gacosur service stations in Huelva, Seville, Cádiz and Málaga are semi-rapid and rapid which means that they can charge electric vehicles to 80% of capacity in between 20 and 90 minutes, depending on the type.

Endesa X is to install 19 charging points for electric vehicles at Gacosur service stations in the provinces of Huelva, Seville, Cádiz and Malaga.

Endesa X and Gacosur have come to an arrangement to install rapid and semi-rapid charging points that can charge electric vehicle batteries to 80% in 20-30 minutes and 60-90 minutes respectively, depending on the model of the vehicle.

Endesa X already operates two semi-rapid charging stations in Casariche and on Parsi street in Seville city. Both are 22 kW recharging points. The station in Parsi has one outlet, while the one in Casariche allows two vehicles to charge their batteries simultaneously.

These two, which are already operational, will be joined by a further two in the province of Seville, in La Rinconada and Utrera. The company will install a semi-rapid charging station in La Rinconada for simultaneous charging of two vehicles, and a twin rapid charging station will be installed in Utrera.

In the province of Cádiz, Endesa X and Gacosur are completing the installation of four rapid and semi-rapid charging stations. There will be rapid recharging stations in Palmones and Villamartín for two and four vehicles respectively, and a semi-rapid station in Jerez de la Frontera for two vehicles.

Regarding the roll-out in Malaga, there will soon be a rapid station in the town of Antequera. Finally, a rapid charging station was recently installed at the Gacosur service station in Lepe (Huelva) to charge two electric vehicles, which will start operating soon.

Some of these charging stations are associated with the AMBRA-Electrify Europe Project (2017-IT-TM-0110-W), funded by the European Commission programme Connecting Europe Facility (CEF Transport) and by the European Investment Bank (EIB).

One of the objectives of the Endesa X electric mobility development plan is to increase the availability of electric vehicle charging infrastructure so that consumers and users need not change their habits and behaviours. This is the reason behind the deployment of different technologies. It is also why, to be able to use these charging stations, it is providing the JuicePass application (available on IOs and Android).

The app is available on iOs and Android and customers can register quickly and easily using the app with an email account. You can also sign up with a Facebook or Google account. Registration also gives users access to existing preferential charging rates and the opportunity to set up a personalised account with preferences and payment methods to streamline future recharging. However, they are also available without registration and users can pay directly by credit card.


About Endesa X

Endesa X, Endesa's new business line to respond to the paradigm shift in the energy sector, is committed to promoting electric mobility in our country, to facilitating change and transition to all customers, offering solutions that break the barriers that still exist today when it comes to jumping to electric mobility and that cover all the recharging needs that a user may have. And for this it works globally:

  • Within the company, both with the transformation of its own corporate fleet (today more than 30% is electrified) and helping its employees to make the leap to mobility with zero emissions (10% of the workforce already use an electric car for their private purposes).
  • Outside the company, for our customers, with the contribution of commercial solutions (such as the first all-inclusive electric leasing plan, OneElectric, and the public access recharging infrastructure plan), we are making the transition towards electric mobility simpler for both private and business customers. And all this, hand in hand with the best partners thanks to the hundreds of agreements the company is reaching, like this one with GACOSUR.


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