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Do unofficial chargers consume more energy?

True. Unofficial chargers generally use lower quality components to lower their price.

This decreases the charging speed and efficiency, as energy is wasted along the way.

And not only while we charge our mobile, as phantom consumption that occurs when the charger is plugged in is also higher. Although this extra expense is not too much and could even offset the savings, it must be borne in mind that the quality of the components also influences the useful life of the charger itself and the phone (which could be damaged by possible spikes, even affecting its safety).


Why choose official chargers?

The official chargers are designed, tested and optimised for the original devices, so it makes sense that they are much more efficient.

In addition, it must be taken into account that the unofficial chargers are usually "universal", so they may not take into account the internal circuits of all devices; therefore, they are not tuned to their peculiar requirements.

If we talk about safety, there is also a big difference  for these same reasons.


How much do official chargers consume?

There are documented tests carried out by the manufacturers themselves, where they push their charger and its energy consumption levels to the limit. They can be found in product data sheets, comparisons and studies on these devices on some manufacturers' websites.


What is the difference in consumption between official vs unofficial chargers?

The difference depends a lot on the type of charger and device, but it can range between 10% and 30% more consumption in an unofficial charger.


Do chargers consume power if left plugged in, even though they are not charging my device? Can it catch fire?

Yes, this is the so-called "phantom consumption".  The truth is that their energy consumption is minimal, but it is accumulative and they do consume some energy all the time they are plugged in.

Regarding whether the charger can cause damage or catch fire, if it is of poor quality or has been damaged it could cause a small fire, but this does not happen too often.

The original chargers are prepared to be pushed to the limits along with their own device and usually they are more than able to last without a problem, and be highly efficient too.

However, what we do have to take into account is that each charger is prepared to be used with its specific device. In other words, a charger can suffer more if it is used with a different device than the one it was designed for.

That is, the most serious mistake would be mixing devices with different types of chargers. For example, using a universal charger, not an original one, made for charging wireless headsets, with a universal telephone cable, charging a laptop battery.

In this case it is likely that we would be stressing all the links in the chain.

That said, our recommendation is to always ensure energy efficiency and use good quality, original chargers, in addition to unplugging everything that is not used and that may consume energy, however small it may be.

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