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How to extend your phone’s battery life

We have all become dependent on our smartphones. We use them for almost everything. And that is why we notice how the battery life seems to be so much shorter than before. In most cases, much shorter than we would like. And to cap it all, the battery always goes at the worst possible time, when you need your phone the most. It's Murphy’s Law. It never fails.

As we know this is a common problem, we have decided to prepare a few tips to prevent your phone battery switching off in the afternoon and while we are at it, extend its useful life. Your battery may even last all day. A miracle!


Don’t fully charge you phone

You may think we are joking, but we’re not. Depending on the characteristics of the Lithium battery, ideally it should be charged between 30% and 80% of its capacity. And in fact, ideally it should be charged to different amounts each time. But never leave your mobile plugged in once it has reached 100% of its capacity as it will gradually become less efficient.


Dim the screen brightness

More than any other component the display consumes the most battery life. Therefore by reducing the brightness you will boost the battery level and enable your phone to last a few more hours. Go to Settings->Display->Brightness to adjust the brightness manually. And if you combine this with dark backgrounds, you will save even more energy.


Switch off your connections

Is your Wi-Fi always connected to see if you can save some data? And what about Bluetooth? Ok, I know. It is easier to always have them enabled but these connections are constantly looking for networks to connect to, consuming a great deal of energy in doing so. A tip: disable them when you are not going to be using them. And the same goes for Internet data. Disable them when you don’t need them.


Close applications

This is very simple, but often forgotten. We have more and more icons on our smartphones. A whole load of apps that are running without us even knowing. This means using valuable processing cycles and, of course, your battery life. Disable everything you can: games, Facebook, Twitter… Everything you won’t be using at a specific time.


Location? No thank you

Lots of applications now register the exact location of each user. Tracking your every geographical location makes your mobile consume a huge amount of energy by constantly using the GPS, telephone antennas and Wi-Fi areas. Therefore, disable your GPS and the location requests by all the applications installed on your mobile. Your battery will appreciate it.


Bonus track

If you are going to have a busy day without nipping home or you will be holding endless conversations and other requirements mean your mobile has to be available at all times, we recommend carrying an external battery. However, before buying one, think carefully about the capacity you really need. It is not the same purchasing 2,500 mAh external battery as purchasing a 16,000 mAh one, which will charge your battery to 100% of its capacity.

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