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Are energy monitoring devices useful?

Are you aware that by knowing your energy consumption at all times you can reduce your electricity by up to 15%? Energy monitors provide you with real-time information to help you control your spending. Reducing pollution and saving more go hand in hand.

Have you ever stopped to think about how much electricity your household uses? The time has come to do so. Think of a figure… Nothing? The national average is around 3,500 kWh per year for each household. These same averages say that washing machines generally use 0.69 kWh per day and televisions 0.72 kWh.

But who cares about averages? Your energy usage is unique and only you know how many times you used the washing machine yesterday and how many hours you watched TV today. What you do not know is how many kWh each appliance used. That is why energy monitoring devices were invented.


But… What is an energy monitoring device?

An energy monitor provides you with real-time information about the electricity being used.

The devices are divided into two types:

  • Individual: provides details for a specific device or a group of electrical appliances connected to the same socket (for example: the computer, its screen and its printer). It is simple, localised and does not record data for you. In other words: you have to check it and take note of what it says. You have to do the sums and reach conclusions. We think the same as you: you deserve more.
  • Global: collects data from the entire household. It is installed in the electrical panel and it is connected to the system in order to monitor the entire usage in kWh. It verifies the parts of the house that use the most energy and processes data so you can understand them better.

The progress of energy monitors is a connected house

Until recently, there was nothing more advanced for controlling usage. But we have news: technology is flying and simple energy monitors are now out-of-date.

Ok, information is power and obviously it is useful to know how much your washing machine or the air conditioning unit is using at any given time. But apart from information, you need cold hard power. To give orders and for your house to obey.

A conventional monitor can offer you a complete energy x-ray, but new solutions have been developed in recent years to convert your home into a smarthome. Thanks to these, you can manage your home from your fingertips, via your mobile and access all the information you need.

We are not talking about just knowing how much you are using. We are talking about remotely controlling your home, via your pc, mobile or tablet, establishing saving programmes, consumption alerts and notifications when you exceed your established power limit.


The advantages of monitoring your consumption

You will have fewer things to do because technology will do them for you. Furthermore, it will do things that you have never been able to do before:

  • Save: forget about jotting down notes and adding up. You will know where your kWh on your bill are going. The appliance causing consumption peaks and the time the offence was committed.
  • Remote control: you will be able to switch the lights, the TV and the heating on and off in your home from your workplace. From your workplace and from anywhere else. You simply need an Internet connection (either with your mobile, computer or tablet).
  • Identify problems: Did you leave the iron on? The oven? Are you sure you closed the door? 
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