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15 ideas for saving energy in business

Do not allow energy wastage to become one of the downfalls of your business. Apply these 15 tips and reduce your billing amounts.

1. Energy saving systems

From thermal insulation to energy meters for your radiators. There is a wide variety of devices or resources for reducing energy consumption through efficient air conditioning. You just need to consider which one best suits your needs.


2. Power Strips

These are particularly functional if there are groups of phases of electronic devices that do not need to be in operation for long periods of time. Power strips also eliminate phantom consumption and increase safety.


3. Turn off unused electrical devices

It seems obvious advice, but how many times do we turn off the photocopier when we leave the office? Identify which devices you can turn off at the end of the working day, avoiding stand-by consumption or phantom consumption. This includes computers, of course.


4. Set your screensaver to black

To reduce computer energy consumption, set all screensavers to black (the colour that consumes less energy). Make the screensaver come on after 10 minutes, for example, or after a time you consider reasonable for devices in standby.


5. Make the most of natural light

Try to arrange your business’s organisation to take advantage of natural light. Make the most of the daylight hours.


6. LEDs

The classic bulb has gone down in history. Due to their duration and efficiency, LED lights are the lighting you should have in your business.


7. Light flow regulators

These are devices that control energy consumption and light pollution, taking into account the flow of people or vehicles. They involve a significant energy saving and are especially indicated for external lighting. At Endesa Empresas, we will be happy to advise you in this regard.


8. Maximum efficiency

Choose electronic devices with maximum efficiency, with an A rating on their energy label. It is estimated that an A-scale device can consume 55% less than other appliances without this rating.


9. Timers

Install timers in bathrooms, common areas and hallways. They will prevent lights remaining switched on when nobody needs them or people accidentally forgetting to turn them off.


10. Switches by areas

If you place switches by functional areas, you will avoid having your entire room illuminated when there is just one activity being carried out in one corner. In this way, you will have better control over which lights are on and you can save a lot of energy.


11. Programme your air conditioning system

Optimise your air conditioning according to your business hours and required temperatures. However, you can always count on us to advise on your business’s air conditioning.


12. Clean air conditioning filters

You need to clean our air conditioning or heating filters regularly. On many occasions, devices do not work 100%, i.e., they do not cool or heat sufficiently, due to obstructions. Therefore, take a look at the manufacturer's instructions or consult a technician to perform this cleaning procedure properly.


13. Sunshades or Venetian blinds

Install sunshades in windows that are most exposed to the sun, thus preventing your room from overheating. There are other sunshade or Venetian systems that will help you isolate whilst maximising the presence of natural light.


14. Maintenance

Maintenance is basic to optimise your business’s energy efficiency. Check the boiler thoroughly, as well as the insulation and electrical installation. Any fault in these areas can increase your consumption and bills.


15. Awareness

It is essential to make your staff aware of the importance of sustainability: they are responsible for achieving true energy efficiency.

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