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Endesa in figures

Endesa in figures

At Endesa, we are active in the generation, distribution and sale of electricity mainly in Spain and Portugal.


Renewable energy production is growing

Among the total electricity generated in 2019, 61,402 GWh, the increase in nuclear production stands out (9.2% higher than the previous year). Generation from other renewable sources and cogeneration was 16.4%. 

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{{config.totalTitle}} 61,402 {{config.currency}}
Medium Target Price € 12,280.4
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{{config.totalTitle}} 24,231 {{config.currency}}
Medium Target Price € 4,846.2
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We distribute electricity to about 22 million people

At Endesa, we deliver electricity to consumption points supplying almost 22 million people in Spain. We do this through 316,320 km of distribution and transport networks and 116,611 GWh of distributed energy.

Network length
km of distribution and transport networks as of 31 December 2019
Distributed energy
GWh of distributed energy as of 31 December 2019

We have more than 10 million customers in Spain and Portugal

At Endesa, we sell energy and gas to our customers in the liberalised market in Spain and Portugal and, to a lesser extent, in Germany, Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

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{{config.totalTitle}} 10,635,000 {{config.currency}}
Medium Target Price € 5,317,500
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{{config.totalTitle}} 1,649,000 {{config.currency}}
Medium Target Price € 824,500
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{{config.totalTitle}} 89,441 {{config.currency}}
Medium Target Price € 44,720.5
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{{config.totalTitle}} 79,784 {{config.currency}}
Medium Target Price € 19,946
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Economic-financial data

Evolution of the net ordinary profit

The main economic and financial data show that the ordinary net income has grown by 3.4% in comparison to figures seen during the previous year, without including non-recurring effects.

Share capital
million euros in profits
million euros in gross operating profit
Financial debt
million euros
million euros in profits after minority taxes

Below, you can see the detail of the sales of electricity and gas, provision of services and other income in 2019. 

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{{config.totalTitle}} 19,258,000 {{config.currency}}
Medium Target Price € 4,814,500
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Data as of 31 December 2019

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