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What is aerothermal heating? Do you save on your electricity bill?

If you recently changed your heating or air-conditioning system or if you are house-hunting, it is likely that you have heard about aerothermics. Do you know what it's all about?

A new term has emerged in the world of sustainable heating/air-conditioning: aerothermics. Have you heard of it before? Even if you have not heard of it yet, you will. This innovative technology is gaining momentum by leaps and bounds and is becoming more and more common to see it installed in homes and buildings.

The presence of aerothermal heat pumps on the market has grown a lot in recent years. This technique has become an alternative to the boilers that use traditional fuels such as gas and heating oil.


Aerothermal heating and heat pumps

Aerothermal heat pumps are high-efficiency air to air and air to water heat pumps. These pumps are designed to obtain the maximum performance in severe weather conditions, both in winter as well as summer, extracting the energy from outside and transporting it to the heating and hot water system in the house.

Traditional heating systems heat materials to use the heating power of combustion, but are never capable of achieving a net performance of 100% since they generate waste or contain non-combustible particles that you are paying for out of your pocket, but are not burned.

On the contrary, the aerothermal pump can achieve performance of up to 700%. How does it work? By taking two-thirds of the energy that it needs directly from the air. Aerothermics consumes about one fourth or one third of the electricity needed to function from your outlet, but the rest is acquired from the air. That is, at no cost.

“Aerothermal systems obtain the maximum performance at any time of the year by consuming less electricity.”

How does aerothermal heating work?

Aerothermal operation is very simple. Let's explain it a little more simply: aerothermics is based on a reversible heat pump. This system obtains the existing thermal energy from the outside air and passes it through a circuit filled with coolant. Then, an exchanger transfers the energy generated to the home's heating circuit and hot water.

In addition, thanks to its reversibility, it can perform the reverse operation, generating heat in winter and coolness in summer. At the same time, this technology allows users to save on their power bill thanks to a compressor that can function at different speeds, obtaining greater energy efficiency, improving the performance of the heat pump and maintaining greater temperature stability in the room or home.


Advantages of aerothermal heating

Taking into account what was mentioned above, we could say that aerothermics has powerful advantages, such as:

  • With aerothermics, all of your heating, air-conditioning and hot water demands are met with the same equipment.
  • It is a form of renewable energy that does not pollute while eliminating traditional Cº2 emissions.
  • It has a high rate of return, since you will have substantial savings on your power bill.
  • Installation and start-up is simple, fast and safe.
  • It takes up little space and does not require any fuel storage.
  • It is flueless.


Aerothermal heating and savings

There is no exact figure, but more or less, we can say that, with an aerothermal heating system, you could make savings of up to 70% on your bills compared with what you would pay with other methods, such as heating oil, gas or pellets.

This is because heat pumps that incorporate aerothermics are capable of heating at a lower energy cost than usual. By way of examples, they are 25% less expensive than natural gas and 50% less expensive than heating oil.

Aerothermics is suitable in new construction properties, townhouses or single family homes as well as for building renovations.

But, as you know, there is no definitive solution regarding home heating and air-conditioning. Finally, only you have the last word on aerothermics and the appropriateness of having this type of installation or not with regard to your needs.

But, what is clear is that it is an interesting alternative in the majority of cases and no doubt an option to seriously consider when selecting the type of heating/air-conditioning system that you want to install in your home.

“But, what is clear is that it is an interesting alternative in the majority of cases and no doubt an option to seriously consider when selecting the type of heating/air-conditioning system that you want to install in your home.”

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