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Tempo Solar, your self-consumption tariff

Tempo Solar is a self-consumption tariff with compensation for surpluses:

  • The energy you consume from your solar panels represents a significant saving in the consumption section of your bill.
  • The energy generated by your solar panels is transferred to the grid and we compensate you at 6 euro cents per kWh*.

This way you get to pay much less on your electricity bill.

During Tempo hours, when your solar panels do not generate power, you will get electricity at a cheap price.

* This price does not include taxes.

Self-consumption hours infographic


  • Other Times: 9:00 h a 18:00 h
  • Tempo Times: 18:00 h a 9:00 h


  • Other Times: 10:00 h a 17:00 h
  • Tempo Times: 17:00 h a 10:00 h



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Contract the Tempo Solar Self-Consumption Tariff

solar panel icon

Solar panels already installed

You need to have solar panels installed to be able to contract Tempo Solar. If you do not have them yet, we will prepare a budget for their installation.

monitor icon with graph

Self-consumption of electricity

Your solar panels generate energy during daylight hours. The more electricity you consume during those hours, the more you will save on your bill.

€ currency icon

Compensation for surpluses

The energy you generate and do not consume is transferred
to the grid in the form of surpluses
. We compensate you at 6 euro cents per kWh*.

rising sun icon

When the sun is not shining: The electricity you consume is cheap

In the Tempo hours, when your solar panels do not generate electricity, you get a 40% discount on the electricity you consume.

* This price does not include taxes.

We will clear up any doubts you may have about the Endesa self-consumption tariff

Tempo Solar Self-consumption is a tariff designed for the self-consumption of energy from a photovoltaic solar installation.

During Tempo Hours, when the installation is not generating its own energy and you need to resort to the electricity grid, this self-consumption tariff benefits from a cheaper price.

Summer timetable:

  • Tempo Hours: from 6pm to 9am.
  • Remaining hours: from 9.01am to 5.59pm.

Winter timetable:

  • Tempo Hours: from 5pm to 10am.
  • Remaining hours: from 10.01am to 4.59pm.
Tempo Solar Autoconsumo
VAT % 5% 21%
T.P. On-peak 37,196132 42,864114
T.P. Off-peak 9,902833 11,411836
Cte Imp h. T. 0,037989 0,043778
Cte Imp h. r. 0,063315 0,072963
Rto Imp h. T. 0,153210 0,176556
Rto Imp h. r. 0,264154 0,304407
Cte. Exp. 0,063315 0,072963

Prices without discounts included. CP= Contracted Power; TP= Power Term; TE = Energy Term; Cte. Imp: Cost imported from the grid; Rto. Imp: Remaining cost imported from the grid; Cte. Exp: Exported to the grid; SISF: Integrated Solar Photovoltaic Solution. Prices include the Electricity Tax (0.5% or the minimum amount of €0.5/MWh or €1/MWh, as applicable) and VAT is applied to the amount resulting from the above (21% or 5% as applicable). VAT should be replaced by the corresponding indirect tax, the IGIC (Canary Islands: 0% or 3%, and 7% as appropriate) IPSI (Ceuta and Melilla: 4% and 1% as applicable).

Surpluses are the electricity produced by your photovoltaic installation and that are not self-consumed at the site of the installation. This surplus energy can be transferred to the grid to be used by other consumers.  

If you have a tariff with compensation for surpluses, your electric company credits you in your electricity bill for the amount of energy transferred to the grid.

Tempo Solar Self-Consumption is a tariff that requires a photovoltaic panels installation. The tariff can be contracted if you already have solar panels installed. If you do not yet have solar panels, we will make an assessment for you and take care of all the installation, paperwork and procedures at a competitive price:

From an economic point of view, the installation of solar panels is profitable and generates savings on the electricity bill. It is estimated that the average household can save up to 60% on their yearly bill.

And then you should add the other benefits of which you can take advantage.

  • Reduction of up to 50% on IBI (Property Tax) in many municipalities in Spain.
  • The possibility of deductions on Personal Income Tax for undertaking home improvements geared towards to energy efficiency.
  • Availability of municipal or autonomous community subsidies for self-consumption installations and/or home improvements relating to energy efficiency.

From an environmental point of view, having photovoltaic installations and electricity self-consumption tariffs is always a significant improvement. Savings in CO2 emissions and in reducing your carbon footprint are essential if we are to achieve the goal of reaching carbon neutrality.

The number of photovoltaic solar panels that your house needs depends on many factors, including the orientation of the house, the geographical area, your average consumption and the efficiency of the solar panels.

Let us advise you. We will make it easy for you: We will take care of studying your needs and advising you on the best installation for your circumstances.


Terms of business

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Tempo Solar Autoconsumo Rate 2.0TD

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Conditions digital bill

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By signing this new contract we inform you that, if you meet the requirements to qualify for the Bono Social discounted rate, you will not be able to qualify for it. Nor will you be able to apply for the Small Consumer Voluntary Price (PVPC) tariff.










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