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Your solar panels save every day and night, even when there is none

With the 24/7 Solar Solution of Endesa Energía and Endesa X you will get the most out of your solar panels from the moment you sign the contract, long before the installation is completed.

As soon as you sign the contract

At the moment you sign the contract, when the installation of your new solar panels has not even started, You will receive advice on contracting the Tempo 24h tariff, with a 40% discount at all hours of the day*. This will enable you to start saving from the very beginning as if your solar panels were already generating energy.

*Discount valid only for those who contract Solar Solution 24/7. Maximum duration for the discount: 6 months.

Once your solar panels have been installed

You will receive advice throughout the contracting process so you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the Tempo Solar Self-Consumption tariff with compensation for surpluses.

From the moment your installation is complete and your solar panels start generating electricity, this is what happens:



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When the sun is shining: You generate your own energy

The energy you consume from your solar panels represents a significant saving in the consumption section of your bill.

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When the sun is not shining: The electricity you consume is cheap

In the Tempo hours, when your solar panels do not generate electricity, you get a 40% discount on the electricity you consume.

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Compensation for surpluses

The electricity your solar panels generate and you do not consume is transferred to the grid in the form of surpluses. We compensate you at 7.2 euro cents per kWh*.

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The is no minimum duration and no penalty

You can leave whenever you want, there is no commitment and you will not have to pay any type of penalty. You can switch tariffs at any time.

* This price does not include taxes.

Tempo Hours: You save even when the sun is not shining

  • When the sun is shining, your solar panels will generate electricity that you can consume directly.
  • When the sun is not shining (Tempo hours), we apply a 40% discount on the electricity you consume.
Self-consumption hours infographic


  • Other Times: 9:00 h a 18:00 h
  • Tempo Times: 18:00 h a 9:00 h


  • Other Times: 10:00 h a 17:00 h
  • Tempo Times: 17:00 h a 10:00 h

We will clarify all your doubts about the 24/7 Solar Solution

You certainly can ask us to install solar panels without being a customer of Endesa. You can also sign up for the 24/7 Solar Solution.

If you have already installed solar panels, we recommend you contract the Tempo Solar Self-Consumption tariff, which has a significant discount in Tempo Hours when your solar panels do not generate electricity.

And you will get compensation for your surplus energy at a very interesting price.

You should bear in mind that we work in the free market, with prices that are not subject to market volatility.

There are retailers that offer PVPC tariffs based on the regulated market, the price of which is immediately affected by market volatility. They may offer a high price for surpluses, but the electricity they sell you may also be at a high price due to market volatility.

There is no minimum duration. Both when you contract the 24/7 Solar Solution as well as the Tempo Solar Self-Consumption tariff there is no minimum duration for the contract. At all times you will be free to stay with us only as long as you wish.

According to a study made using average calculations for customers who have installed solar panels, this discount amounts to approximately €20 per month, but with significant variations depending on the tariff you have contracted, the price of energy and the customer consumption profile.

The final savings depend on many factors, including your consumption habits. The more you concentrate your energy consumption during sunny daylight hours, the better. In any case, your bill will be for less because of the following:

  • Self-consumption: You will consume electricity from your solar panels during the hours they are generating energy. In a bill for €100 this can mean a saving of about €35 per month.
  • Compensation for surpluses: The electricity generated by your solar panels and that you do not consume will be transferred to the grid for consumption by other customers. You will be compensated for these surpluses. In a bill for monthly supply of €100 per month, this can mean a saving of €25 per month.
  • Tempo Solar Self-Consumption: With this tariff you will get a 40% discount on the hours when your solar panels do not produce energy (shadow hours).

All these amounts are approximate and have been calculated based on the consumption habits of an objective sample of customers. You can get a better approximation for your case by asking for a personalised budget.


Terms of business

PDF (0.17MB) Download

Tempo Solar Self-Consumption SISF Tariff

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Tempo 24h Tariff

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Conditions digital bill

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By signing this new contract we inform you that, if you meet the requirements to qualify for the Bono Social discounted rate, you will not be able to qualify for it. Nor will you be able to apply for the Small Consumer Voluntary Price (PVPC) tariff.

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