The electric mobility at Capital Radio, on live from Endesa's headquarters

Event details


On 30 November 2017, from 10.00 am to 12.00 noon, the atrium at Endesa's headquarters in Madrid will be converted into a radio broadcasting station for Capital Radio’s live broadcasting of “Smart Mobility”, a special programme led by motor racing-specialist reporter Chimo Ortega.

The role of electric mobility in decarbonising the economy and Formula E will be two of the issues addressed during the two-hour broadcast.

The day will feature the participation of Juan José Alba, Director of Regulation at Endesa, María Malaxechevarría, Director General of Sustainability, Elena Bernárdez, Deputy Director of Electric Mobility Business Development at Endesa and Mariano González and Government Commissioner of the Community of Madrid for climate change.

Antonio Castellanos, Head of the Electric Mobility Plan for Endesa Employees, along with Cristóbal Cueva, company employee and electric car user, will explain the details of the Sustainable Mobility Plan for Employees.

All these people, along with Formula E driver José María López, who will talk to us about this sport, considered the “cleanest” sport, will be attending to update us on all current events in electric motoring.