VII TICCIH Congress on Industrial Heritage and Civil Engineering

Event details


The theme of the VII Congress on Industrial Heritage and Civil Engineering, organised by the TICCIH (The International Committee for the Conservation of the Industrial Heritage) focuses on “Industrial heritage in the context of sustainability: environmental impacts, industrialisation landscapes, regeneration strategies and industrial tourism”. We are taking part in this meeting, to be held in the town of As Pontes in A Coruña between the 5-18 of July, with two presentations in which we shall highlight the main environmental initiatives carried out in the areas in which we work.

The aim of the congress is to identify and discuss the main management problems encountered in the regeneration, reuse and intervention in industrial landscapes. The aim is also to seek new methodological approaches and case studies. Landscape architectures, industrial tourism and territorial strategies for industrial heritage recovery and activation, are some of the other subjects to be addressed over the three days of the congress.

The work sessions will be held from 9:00 to 14:00 hours and from 16:00 to 20:00 hours. The congress will also offer various itineraries that will include visits to museums, to other companies and to other projects relating to the activation of industrial heritage.