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Recharge your electric vehicle:

  • Recharge at home with the Endesa X 7.4kW JuiceBox charger.
  • And when you are not at home, you get up recharging to 80 kWh in free recharges per month on our network of public access points with JuicePass.

We will send a technician to your home to analyse a personalised installation of a JuiceBox in your garage.

What is OpenCharge?

OpenCharge is an Endesa X electric mobility solution in collaboration with Endesa Única.

If you have an electric vehicle, it enables you to:

  • Recharge your electric vehicle in your garage at home.
  • Install a state-of-the-art charger (JuiceBox Pro Cellular) to recharge your electric vehicle at home. A smart charger with an innovative design which enables you to use your mobile phone to programme the recharging of your electric vehicle.
  • Recharge when you are away from home on the Endesa X public charging stations where you can get up to 80kWh in recharges.
  • All the energy you are going to consume at home is of renewable origin.

Monthly subscription to OpenCharge: €59.99/month.


What is JuiceBox?

  • JuiceBox is an Endesa X charger that provides a smart charging experience that is suitable for private car parks, especially in homes, providing up to 7.4kW of power which will enable you to completely recharge your vehicle's battery in approximately 4 hours.
  • The power level of the JuiceBox can be adapted to any level required, and it comes equipped with all the safety and connectivity features that make recharging your electric vehicle a reliable, easy and problem-free experience.

Because it is connected to the Endesa X smart charging platform, JuiceBox enables you to schedule recharging at the time you want and to control the session directly from your mobile. And all because of the JuicePass app, which also gives you access to the most extensive network of public access charging stations in Europe.

To install the Endesa X JuiceBox charger, we will send a technician to your home to analyse your garage and be able to give you a budget for a personalised installation*.

* Approximate budget for a complete installation with OpenCharge: 699€

And if you contract Única OpenCharge now, you will benefit from a discount of €300 on the installation service.

Take the opportunity to install a charger for much less!


What is JuicePass?

JuicePass is an app that enables you to recharge your electric vehicle both at home and away from home.

  • With JuicePass you can control your JuiceBox charger directly from your mobile.
  • JuicePass gives you access to the extensive Endesa X network of charging stations which is continuously growing. You can book in advance.
  • JuicePass can also give you a record of all the recharges you have made, both on the public network and at home. This way you will be able to know how many kWh you consume each month and also see how much each recharge consumes in real time.

It is available for Apple and Android, and can be downloaded free of charge. Here you can read about all the other advantages of JuicePass.

How to activate OpenCharge?

1. Contract Endesa Única.

Whether or not you are an Endesa customer, contract Única for energy consumption in your home and to be able to access OpenCharge.

2. Add OpenCharge to Endesa Única. 

While setting up your Única quota, add OpenCharge so you can recharge your electric vehicle.

3. Schedule a visit for the installation of a JuiceBox.

Our technicians will contact you to schedule a visit that will verify that everything is in order to install a JuiceBox in your private garage.

4. All ready! Recharging with OpenCharge

Once you have activated Endesa Única as your energy tariff, your OpenCharge subscription for JuicePass will be active and the JuiceBox has been installed in your home, you will then be able to fully enjoy the OpenCharge service.


If you are already an Endesa Única customer, you can add OpenCharge to the additional services that Única offers you as part of its service package. All you need to do is accept the recalculation of your personalised price for Única.

If you are already an Endesa customer but have a price other than Única, you must first change to Única before you can sign up for OpenCharge.

The OpenCharge service is priced at €59.99 per month, which is added to your customised monthly price for Única.

The cost of the OpenCharge service will be included in your Única quota so can forget about having to pay several bills.

No, but you should bear in mind that the price of the OpenCharge service is based on an average consumption for an electric vehicle estimated at 2,000 kWh per year. If a consumption higher than that indicated above is detected, we could review the price of the service, without prejudice to you being able to unsubscribe from the service without penalty.

To contract the OpenCharge recharge service you need an Endesa X JuiceBox Pro Cellular Charger as it is the only model that guarantees that Endesa can measure the energy consumption that will be delivered when you recharge at home, so the total consumption for the charger will appear in each bill.

If you already have another model of charger, Endesa X offers you a service to replace it with an Endesa X JuiceBox Pro Cellular. Our technicians will give you a tailor-made estimate to correctly replace and install the new charger.

Endesa X technicians will be responsible for installing the JuiceBox Pro Cellular, whether or not you have an electric vehicle charger in your home.

Once Endesa X receives confirmation that you are already a Única customer and that you have asked to activate the OpenCharge service, we will contact you to arrange a technical visit to assess the possible scope of the installation that the new JuiceBox may require.

After this visit, you will receive a personalised installation estimate. The installation could cost around €0 if there was already a charging station previously installed according to your needs as a customer and complying with regulations. If this is not the case, and the wiring to be installed to your meter is less than 40 metres, the maximum cost will be €499 (if the wiring to your meter is over 40 metres, the installation could cost up to €699). 

In order for you to be able to charge your vehicle until we finish work on the installation of the JuiceBox in your garage, Endesa X offers you the possibility of using the Endesa X public charging network with the JuicePass app until the installation of your JuiceBox has been completed.

Once the estimate has been accepted, we will send you an OpenCharge service activation code by e-mail.

This code needs to be activated on the JuicePass app, in the Menu - Mi JuiceWallet section. Once the JuiceBox has been installed and this code successfully activated on the app, you will need to link the JuiceBox to your JuicePass user account. This will fully activate the OpenCharge service and you will be able to control the charger with all the benefits of OpenCharge, including 80kWh per month in recharges on the Endesa X public network.

You can cancel OpenCharge whenever you like. You will stop paying the €59.99/month and we will recalculate your personalised Única quota.

You only pay to install the JuiceBox charging equipment at the beginning, so we will come and uninstall the charger for you at no extra cost.










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