Under the Totana sky

Published on Monday, 04 November 2019

“We promote actions that favour the positive impact of this project on the local community”

– Alessio Menci, Project Manager of EGPE

Although more than 30,000 people live in this Murcian town, all of them know each other. As a result, the construction of the plant has been the talk of the town. "They know us all over town," Jose says proudly.But not only have the workers stood out, but also the users of the José Moyá Day Centre for people with learning difficulties. "Our users have taken part in some hardware workshops that help raise their self-esteem", says the centre’s director, Ana García.

Image of a man at work

Another reason to shine

The solar panels used to power construction have been donated to the José Moyá Centre, to which EGPE has also supplied efficient lighting. For its director, all these actions represent "a different way to set up a business and create jobs. There is an interest in ways to go about things and to improve our surroundings."

That is exactly the essence of Endesa’s construction model: "When we work for the community, we identify local agents with whom to jointly build action programmes that generate value for them and also a return for the company", says Ada Fiteni, Director of sustainability projects at Endesa.

Totana's 287 km2 includee several sites of interest to tourists, as it is one of the municipalities within the mountainous region of Sierra Espuña. It also has the good fortune to house the wonderful natural landscape of La Santa and the archaeological site of La Bastida. But Totana now has another place of interest, less attractive to tourists but one which makes the locals proud thanks to the fact that it is already generating enough energy to supply more than 25,000 families.

Students at the schools in Totana and users of the day centre have already been able to visit the photovoltaic plant that here, under Totana's blue skies, as one of their typical songs goes, makes this town with the soul of a village a more sustainable place with one more reason to stand out from the rest.