Electric scooters: eco-friendly and efficient transport

Published on Thursday, 12 September 2019

“Electric scooters are sustainable vehicles, the use of which is being promoted by the new mobility plans implemented by Spanish city councils in order to reduce pollution”

What do you need to know about electric scooters?

Until recently, electric scooters were not considered vehicles, therefore road traffic regulations were not applicable to them. This was precisely one of the reasons for their rapid growth, but it also caused problems, as these scooters share our urban spaces with other users, including pedestrians and drivers or cyclists.

Currently, each city council regulates the use of these devices independently, so before using an electric scooter you will need to check the regulations in force in your city. Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, the cities with the highest number of scooter users, already have ordinances for the use of Personal Mobility Vehicles that set out the rules and requirements for their use.

As a general rule, users of electric scooters should ride on a cycle path or sidewalk, although they can also be used on roadways, in public parks and lanes with a speed limit of 30 km/h. And, of course, users must always wear a helmet and respect other pedestrians.

As for insurance, this is only mandatory if the scooter is to be rented, although it is recommended that users take out insurance even if the scooter is exclusively for personal use, to cover any damage and expense caused by its use.

Image of a scooter

What exactly is sustainable mobility anyway?

Sustainable mobility is mobility that reduces the energy consumption of means of transport and, at the same time, cuts their polluting emissions. As a result, it optimises the use of natural resources while combating the serious pollution problems in our cities.

At Endesa, we firmly believe that electric mobility is one of the best ways to achieve effective energy transformation and to combat climate change and urban pollution. That's why we're getting behind electric mobility in all the various means of transport available, so that our cities can breathe cleaner air. Are you with us?