Why Endesa

The best place to give free rein to your talent and develop professionally.

We are a solid, dynamic, flexible company that adapts to changes. We have professional experience and leadership, which enables us to offer competitive development opportunities. People, their satisfaction and commitment matter to us.


We are concerned about our employees developing professionally in a vibrant and dynamic setting and for them to fit into our values and culture. We provide a workplace based on mutual trust and undertaking. We offer the opportunity of working in a multinational group comprised of diverse professionals in terms of culture, experience and knowledge, where they can learn and share in a state-of-the-art setting in terms of technological innovation, research and development.


We are seeking innovative, committed and responsible people. People who want to join a large team able to adapt to change. Will you take on the challenge?

Professional development

We have a team comprised of extremely talented and experienced professionals with whom you will learn and develop your abilities. We are seeking professionals to join us who have critical talent, which is necessary for the sustainability and competitiveness of the organisation.

“We are experiencing a period full of changes and new challenges.”

– José María Álvarez, Digital Channels - Customer Service


We offer professionals joining Endesa an "integration process" that enables them to get to know the organisation (its culture, challenges, commitments), by joining its work team and acquiring the knowledge and skills that enable them to develop their duties and responsibilities.

“I have had the opportunity to undergo very interesting experiences for my professional growth.”

– Malena Calva, Open Power Space Coordinator


We provide people with a workplace based on mutual trust and undertaking. The undertaking enables us to build a solid, enriching and long-lasting professional relationship.

“In training matters, Endesa is an example of constancy, continuity and quality.”

– Manuel López, Operations Unit and AVS

Global Opportunities

We off the chance to work in a multinational group comprised of diverse professionals in terms of culture, experience and knowledge where they can learn and share. Our energy production, distribution and commercialisation business offers professional opportunities, not only in technical areas, but in all management and sports activities.

“Working at Endesa gives you many possibilities for promotion and enriches you constantly.”

– Montse Micola, Corporate Channel Commercial Agent

Technological innovation

We work in a state-of-the-art setting in terms of innovation in our sector where the concern for technological innovation, research and development is a constant in our strategic plans. In this setting, at Endesa we launch initiatives to boost entrepreneur and start-up projects and an electrical mobility program for employees.

“For me it is a challenge to think that we can apply technologies to the company, such as how to improve efficiency.”

– Narcís Vidal, Innovation and New Technologies Manager.

Balance out your working and personal lives

We make a series of actions available to our employees that facilitate balancing their professional and personal activity. We also have the programme Entrénate (Get in shape) for the employee's sporting activity.

“You have the opportunity to move within the company and change job.”

– Lourdes García, Innovation and Electrical Mobility at Endesa Energía

Committed to sustainability

Sustainable development is an essential pillar of our strategy, whereby one of our most important undertakings is protection of the environment.

“We have an investment and a clear aim in terms of safety and the environment.”

– Manuel Rubias, Punta Plant Manager