“Since its implementation, the space has created dynamic, flexible networks and teams. Collaborative work has thus been boosted, eliminating the sensation of working alone in individual departments which can often be felt in a traditional company.”

After its first year of existence, the Open Power Space has become a space that operates at maximum capacity, and which has its own clear operating norms that have been adopted by everyone. During this time, various events have been held, some oriented toward all the employees, others toward specific groups.

Furthermore, the space has given its support to business lines that have contributed to the implementation of new methodologies. It has also enacted the dissemination of technological and digital matters among children and young people.

Innovation in digital strategies

Currently we have 14 ongoing projects with a digital profile within the space. Projects which are mainly oriented toward the digitalisation of the relationship with customers and the development of tools to facilitate the service and contracting processes.

Some of the initiatives have already been publicly acknowledged, such as the digital sales strategy developed by the Digital Channels and Customer Experience team, who were awarded the CRC Gold prize for the Best E-Commerce Strategy.

Dissemination initiatives for our employees

In the Open Power Space we also focus our efforts on the dissemination of knowledge, to provide our employees with tools to better tackle the challenges derived from the digital transformation.

In this respect, working breakfasts are held twice monthly, supported by the Harvard Business Review, with the Managing Director and other company officials. Monthly presentations are also given to all the employees by speakers who are experts in their fields (both in-house and external), on issues such as innovation and creativity, new tendencies and new methodologies. These initiatives can be followed online by the employees who are not physically present in the space.

people doing some activities at Endesa Open Power Space

Participation in external events and visibility on the social networks 

Our goal is to establish the Open Power Space as an example within the sector. In this regard, we participate in external events such as the Co-working Spain Conference, the Workplace Conference, Zinc Shower, Cocolab or CONAMA.

Besides, we use the social networks to give visibility to the space. By means of the hashtag #OpenPowerSpace we contribute to its promotion on social networks such as Twitter or YouTube.

Collaborative work: the future 

The positive result of this pilot scheme has led us to consider extending the Open Power Space model to the rest of our offices.

We attempt to implement collaborative work, innovation, proactivity and creativity in all the spheres of our activity. In short, we want to change the habits in decision-making and the management style to a more agile method based on data, to anticipate the impact of the new energy paradigm and to make critical decisions that will facilitate the sustainability of our business.