Electric mobility plan for employees

“When you go to the city centre, the fact that you don’t need to worry about tickets is super convenient.”

– José Mínguez Matorras, Manager of Innovation and Marketing at Endesa

“It’s a car that has very good responsiveness, drives really well, and it’s automatic. The main change that I think you notice is how quiet it is.”

– Ignacio Sánchez Carreras, Manager of Catalogue Gas Prices

“I regularly charge the electric car once a day. I don’t pay much attention because I usually charge it at night, and by the following morning it’s already charged.”

– Arturo Paniagua Tineo, Manager of International Electricity Prices

One of the main goals of this plan is to gradually eliminate the barriers to entry that consumers have with regard to any new technologies and which, in the specific case of electric vehicles, are related to the autonomy of the batteries; the charging infrastructure and the actual price of the vehicle. The company has managed to offer its employees a value proposal that helps to overcome each of these barriers.

The advantages offered by this programme for employees are:

  • Agreements with different electric car manufacturers and help installing a domestic charging point.
  • Help financing the vehicle.
  • Incentives for employees to take part with their electric vehicle.
  • Charging infrastructure in the company's main headquarters.
  • Reserved parking space at their workplace.

Thanks to the contribution of Endesa’s employees, this plan has now received several awards and has been selected as a 2016 Climate Project by the Spanish Office for Climate Change, as recognition for its contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions.