Digitalisation and Transformation to the Digital Ecosystem

Customers -> Digital customers, Electronic invoicing, Digital sales, E-care management. People -> Digital spaces, Digital capabilities. Assets -> Remote management, Automation of the grid, Implementaion of IoT. Flexible -> Interactions, results, collaboration, response


Digitalisation of assets:

  • The distribution grid: with the aim of ensuring a safe and reliable supply, improving the quality of our services and responding to future consumer demands, we are firmly committed to the development of smart grids, remote management and grid automation.
  • Power generation plants: likewise, with the aim of increasing the operational efficiency of our plants and improving the integration thereof into the electricity system, we are increasing our efforts to digitalise the power generation system.


Customer digitalisation:

One of the foundations of the Endesa Digital Transformation Plan is focused on the Customer, incorporating the initiatives that develop the digital experience of the Customer and defining new relationship models and new value and service offerings.

Thanks to these efforts, the following advances and achievements contributing to the digitalisation process in the company can be singled out for 2017:

 Explanatory chart Endesa Digital / Be Digital Plan


Main results in 2017 and targets for 2020:

 Chart of the main results in 2016 and objectives to 2019 - Achievements 2017 : 3.8 Digital customers, 2.1 M contracts with e-invoicing, 68.5% Management via digital channels, 9% Digital Sales. - Objectives 2020 : 4.2 M Digital customers, 3.7 M Contracts with e-invoicing., 77% Management via digital channels, 15% Digital Sales


Digitalisation of our personnel:

The digital transformation of a company represents a true strategic challenge and a cultural change, that should be founded on the commitment and talent of the people that form part of it. For that reason, we are attempting to promote an internal digital culture that allows us to successfully tackle the challenges proposed.

The e-talent digital transformation training program 'Fire up your digital energy’ continued in 2017, with more content and expanding its public objective. E-talent is a training program aligned with the Endesa's Strategic Plan aimed at all groups in the company to train them in various digital skills to understand and deal with the most relevant aspects of digital transformation and innovation applied in a business environment.

This training plan was designed based on three fundamental pillars: for people to Know, but also, be able to and want to.

 Graphic digitalization of the employees at Endesa - To know how to: Continuously train, Learn by doing. - To want to : Have an approach and communication that suports an new way of working, Decide when and with whom to complete the process. - To be able to: Involve management, Believe that we can do it
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