Chart of the distribution and commercialization of electricity and gas commercialization - 12.359 million users, 117.961 GWh supplied. 10.848 million customers, 96.513 GWh sold


Commercial quality

We have a Commercial Excellence Plan in place with the aim of offering our customers the best service possible and improving customer satisfaction indicators each year.

 Chart of the Commercial quality of Endesa -> Leader in customer satisfaction compared to the competiion (2% better). 18 million phone calls answered by the Telephone Response Centre. Valuation close to nine in personal attention. 3% increase in customer satisfaction with the telephone response centre


Energy solutions

Endesa is highly aware of the transformation occurring in the energy sector worldwide, driven, among other reasons, by:

  • The emergence of a new and increasingly sophisticated and demanding customer profile that requires a greater decision-making capacity in the management of his power consumption.
  • By technological advances, especially in the area of telecommunications and digitalisation.


Endesa, as a leading company in the energy sector in the Iberian Peninsula, aims to actively position itself in this new context. For this reason, in 2017 a new e-Solutions business line was created that is committed to innovation and the development of new products and services as engines for adapting to the needs of the environment and enhancing the use of efficient technologies to promote energy savings and reduce environmental impact.

Endesa's energy solutions chart -> e-Home: Maintenace and repair services, Micro-insurance, Household appliances, Smart home solutions. e-Industries: Consulting, auditing and monitoring services, Energy infrastructure, On/off-site distributed generation, Management of demand and response to demand. e-City: intelligent lighting, Artistic lighting, Ultra-wideband services, Infrastructure and facility management. e-Mobility: Public charging stations network, private charging point and maintenance, B2B fleet of chargers, E-Bus
  • Corporate