Materiality issue

Stakeholder group


Economic growth and financial strength:


Creation of value for shareholders and investors

Reduction of debt





Finantial institutions and shareholders, employees


Non-financial risk management:


Enviromental risk

Social risk

Corporate governance and ethical risk






Financial institutions and shareholders


Quality for customers:


Quality of electricity distribution

Quality of customer service





Customers, Financial institutions and shareholders, civil society


Ethical conduct:


Transparency in relationships with institutions

Transparency in communications

Fight against corruption

Fair competition practices







Financial institutions and shareholders, employees, the media, suppliers and contractors


Climate change:


Mitigation of CO2 emissions

compensation and management os CO2 emissions





Financial institutions, shareholders, Public Administration, Civil society, the Media


Advanced environmental management:


Efficient use of power

Reduction of pollutants

Waste management

Environmental management system







Public Administration, Civil society


Efficient use of water resources:


Reduction in water cocumption

Improvement of water quality





Public Administration, Civil society


Occupational Heath and Safety:


Safety of employees

Safety of suppliers and contractors

Health of employees






Employees, Suppliers and Contractors


Equality and Diversity:


Gender diversity

Cultural diversity

inclusion of disabled persons

Equal pay for men and women







Employees, Civil society


Management and Development of Human Capital


Assement of skills and abilities

Meritocracy and talent retention