Scope of application and fields of action in biodiversity

If you want to know details of any of the projects that we have under way, you can get more information at the following pages:


Our Biodiversity Conservation Plan has been a reference for the company’s actions in protecting the environment with different projects in the areas in which we operate. In addition to the initiatives mentioned earlier, we are working to protect the osprey and the peregrine falcon in the Bay of Cádiz and in reservoirs like Bornos and Arcos de la Frontera, the Pyrenean capercaillie in the Boumort mountain range in Lerida, Bonelli’s Eagle Hieraaetus in the gorges of River Jalón, the red kite in Mallorca and Menorca and the partridge eagle in Mallorca.


(*) This commitment does not apply to facilities that Endesa is already operating, located in areas that in the future, may be declared as protected under any figure.