Digitalisation and Transformation to the Digital Ecosystem

Graphic of the digital transformation at Endesa


Digitalisation of assets:

  • The distribution grid: with the aim of ensuring a safe and reliable supply, improving the quality of our services and responding to future consumer demands, we are firmly committed to the development of smart grids, remote management and grid automation.
  • Power generation plants: likewise, with the aim of increasing the operational efficiency of our plants and improving the integration thereof into the electricity system, we are increasing our efforts to digitalise the power generation system.


Customer digitalisation:

  • We are working on developing a digital experience for customers, with new value proposals, new interaction methods and channels and new business models. And all of this via our Go Digital / Be Digital Plan 
 Explanatory chart Endesa Digital / Be Digital Plan


Main results in 2016 and targets for 2019:

 Chart of the main results in 2016 and objectives to 2019


Digitalisation of our personnel:

The digital transformation of a company poses a truly strategic challenge and a cultural change, the basis of which must be the commitment and talent of the people that make up that company. Therefore, our aim is to promote an internal digital culture that enables us to successfully tackle our established goals.

We are developing various digital transformation programmes, including the e-talent training programme, under the slogan “Enciende tu energía digital” (Switch on your digital energy).The aim is to provide the necessary tools for a wide group of employees in order to introduce them into the existing digital environment and for them to discover current trends (and the impact thereof on the energy sector and on consumers) and the most innovative technologies.

 Graphic digitalization of the employees at Endesa