From sustainability to security: excellence in the BYEM Awards 2018

“We didn’t have a reference upon which to build, but what we did have clear ideas about what we needed, and that gave rise to an intuitive application, easy to use, practical and highly useful, which brings us closer to our aim of safety excellence”

– Pablo Gutiérrez Cerezales, Director of the Alcúdia power plant

BYEM Award

The ideas relate to a very broad range of fields. The award for best initiative in this year’s ceremony went to Rubén García González, from the environmental department at the UPT Teruel power plant, whose idea was based on optimising the process of grinding the limestone used in the plant’s desulphurisation process. The limestone comes from a quarry that is part of the plant’s installations, so it is possible to produce a finer material that increases the grinding capacity, allowing us to obtain finer particles.

“We have seen the grinding capacity increase considerably, and the efficiency of the absorbers has also improved, so we have begun making lime at the new level of fineness”

– Rubén García González, Head of Environmental Department at UPT Teruel

These are just some of the initiatives that were celebrated at the latest BYEM awards, which were first held in 2015. In total, this year, 233 new ideas were put forward; of these, 68 have already been implemented, 37 are in the pipeline, and 100 are being studied. These proposals come in addition to the 306 presented in previous years, which are already being applied in some of the company’s 25 power plants. It is possible to extrapolate some of these solutions to other plants, meaning the improvements can be made on a wider scale than initially planned.

The BYEM awards are an example of how it is possible to integrate innovation into the development of our daily activity, and show that our employees’ initiatives can help build a future that is safer, more efficient and more sustainable in the domain of energy.