Vicente and the artistic legacy of As Pontes

As Pontes

A few months ago, we received a letter from Vicente in which he conveyed to us his wish to have a photograph of the work, because he was unable to attend its inauguration. At Endesa we are aware of the importance this work has had both because of the effort and because of the feelings put into it. We therefore decided to suggest a trip to Vicente that would bring an end to this project.

“A photo was enough for me, but imagine my surprise when they invited us to see it in person. What an adventure!”

– Vicente Muñoz Carrillo, ceramist, musician and writer

With great enthusiasm, we travelled together to As Pontes where a surprise was waiting for him: enjoying the inauguration of the mural along with his family and the workers who for all these years were able to admire his artwork.

What in principle was going to be a visit to the site housing the mural turned into an event that recognised the implicit effort in Vicente's work. A day full of displays of affection and admiration that put together have given even greater meaning to the artist’s legacy.

Vicente Muñoz Carrillo

His emotional reaction accompanied the words of someone who, now aged 90, is contemplating his journey so far. "Now that I can consider this, I am aware of my work, my effort, my vocation but also all those uncontrollable forces that build us all in the end".

At Endesa we believe it is essential to give importance to those aspects that last in a positive manner over time. Aspects with a backdrop based on effort and talent, such as what Vicente put into the creation of his mural. A legacy enjoyed by us and that future generations will admire.