Digital Expert Relation Programme Experiments

In its search for efficiency and sustainability, the activities undertaken under the Digital Expert Relation Programme and the #EndesaChallenges campaign have brought together some of the most important voices on the digital horizon. These are just some of the goals that the programme has set for us:

In the field of sustainable mobility, we have experienced the first and second 'Revival of the electric car in Spain', we have learned about the 'ecaR' charger network in Mallorca and discovered conventional transport alternatives such as bicycles and electric scooters in the '#TwenergyRace'.

“Electric cars are not a thing of the future, but a very present reality.”

– Arancha Pato, director of the digital portals Auto10 and Motorlife

Workshops on smart cities such as 'IoT&Startups' and '#SmartWomen' have demonstrated to their various attendees how to change cities via the Internet of Things, sustainable architecture, big data, environmental planning and workspace innovation.

Sustainability has also been one of the pillars of the programme; in the workshop "Circular economy, sustainable tourism and conservation of biodiversity" we revealed sustainability as an engine of change, thanks to alternative uses of electricity pylons and artificial reef parks created using leftover materials from the thermal power plant at Sant Adrià de Besòs.

Digital Expert Relation Programme and #endesachallenges

“These projects are important because they publicise sustainable programmes that will protect the environment and responsible tourism, two areas very much experiencing a boom due to their fundamental nature.”

– Verónica Boned on the travel web Sinmapa

At 'TAT Granada 2018' we saw that promoting real emotions above fake news is one of the principal challenges for ensuring that communication between experts generates ideas that can be used in creating the smart city. This is the objective of the Digital Expert Relation Programme and its experts. Are you interested?

Join us on the road to a new energy model

If you’re an expert in one of the areas of the Programme, sign up so we can provide you with more details. The Digital Expert Relation Programme invests in open innovation to facilitate cooperation between entrepreneurs, startups and large businesses and contribute to making an efficient and responsible energy future a reality.

“Technology is the answer, but the hard part is asking the right questions.”

– Francisco Morcillo, of MB3-Gestión

Technology is key in the transition to a new energy model because it makes it possible to address efficient development in all aspects of the smart city. Our goal under this programme is to bring together experts that can lead us on the path to the city that we’re going to. Will you join us?